Sherlyn Chopra

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Here in America we often forget that there is an entire world of people out there that vastly outnumber us and have completely different ways of life. Sherlyn Chopra is about to broaden the gap that sets us apart from our counterparts in India. She is doing this by posing for the cover of Playboy magazine. While the covers don’t have exposed nudity there is plenty of implied nudity, and in India this is still considered a no-no!

Sherlyn began her career in Bollywood (Mumbai, formerly Bombay) as Mona Chopra. Over there she can be compared with Angelina Jolie both in status and beauty. Her film roles span from 2002 to 2009. In 2009 she was a contestant on Bigg Boss. An Indian show much like Big Brother.

Mona Chopra in one piece bikini

The Playboy issue with her on the cover will be out in November, 2012. Keep an eye out for it and pray nobody in India actually makes good on one of the many death threats she has received since making the announcement.

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Nude Pictures Of The Olsen Twins

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So I was kicking it with some adult webmaster friends of mine and somebody brought up nude pictures of the Olsen Twins. With one of them being on the show Weeds (thereby giving her some street cred) many of us were intrigued.

As it turns out his pictures were fakes, but they are pretty damn spot on in how well they are done. So enjoy some Photochopped naked pics of the Olsen Twins!





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Katie Holmes

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So it looks like Tom Cruise has struck out yet again. The seriously strange thing about his divorces is that his wives always divorce him when they are 33 years old going on 34. Is there some Scientology connection with your wife hitting 34 years old?

Cruise fell in love with Katie Holmes in 2005, but we all fell in love with her back in 1998 when she played Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek. She had just enough hotness mixed with a lot of the girl next door. It was like finding Joey from The Fact of Life all over again!



Here you almost want to offer her a joint and get high with her. Then fuck her tight little Hollywood ass!


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Emma Stone

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After her feature film debut in Superbad there wasn’t much of a buzz about Emma Stone. That is about to change now that Emma is playing Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man!

Since the news of her upcoming roll was released I have been inundated with requests for nude Emma Stone pics. Well, the problem with those is she hasn’t posed for Playboy or even Maxim yet. Only two or three years ago most people thought of her as a red headed step-child. Not anymore!

Now Emma Stone is a full blown sex symbol. I guess she can thank Lindsey Lohan for turning gingers into models of sexuality. These days Emma is going to have to make sure to wear panties while heading out on the town or the paparazzi are going to have a field day snapping photos of her ginger pussy!

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Britney Spears Sex Tape Surfaces

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britney_spears_blowjob_sex_tape britney_spears_sex_tape

It turns out that Paris Hilton won’t be the only female celebrity caught nude and sucking cock! The Britney Spears sex tape has finally surfaced and Exposed Teen Celebs has it!

Britney Spears recorded her first album Baby One More Time when she was still a child and released it as a barely legal adult. It made her a pop-queen and immediately shot her into music stardom!

While girls were going ga-ga over the albums lyrics, guys were going go-goo, as in man-goo, over her schoolgirl image. Attempts were made by amateur sleuths to scan her album cover into digital form and enhance the lighting to see if she was wearing panties when she shot the cover.

As it turns out the record executives were already thinking the same thing so they digitally enhanced the image with a black triangle to cover her pussy.

Remember, she was underage when she posed for the album cover!

Forget about that low level porn though… Now you can watch Britney Spears sucking a nice hard cock as the guy spurts his cum wad into her open mouth!

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Ashley Tisdale

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Oh, Ashley Tisdale. You cute little bitch. You’ve gotten me into so much trouble with the wife!

When I suggested watching High School Musical to my wife on our date night she was a bit apprehensive. Why would a grown man want to watch high schoolers sing and dance? WTF?

I guess she didn’t realize that Ashley Tisdale wasn’t actually a high school student. And neither were most of the other stars in the movie! They never are! Don’t get me started on the 23 year old daughter in United States of Tara. Sheesh!

Anyway… Where was I?

Oh yeah… So I have a thing for Ashley. She was 20 years old when she made the first movie and she is twenty-six now. When do I get to start whacking off to her?

Right now!








I have friends that don’t like Ashley because they don’t think her tits are big enough. I don’t mind. Small tits are just fine with me. Of course her two houses in the hills and her fat wallet make up for what she is lacking up top!

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Alexis Knapp

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So did you go out and see Couples Retreat  yet? Hopefully that is a big fat no. The movie sucked so bad that nobody knew a hot new starlet was born from its ashes.

Luckily for Alexis Knapp, and by extension, us, somebody in the casting department at Silver Pictures (yeah, never heard of them either) did watch that horrible movie. Alexis ended up in Project-X which didn’t suck. In fact, it was pretty fucking cool.

Since then she has been bombarded with offers and scripts for more movies. I am sure this could be partly why that cunt Jessica Alba has been being such a cunt lately!

Anway… Say hello to my little friend!


Lucky motherfucker!


Even luckier motherfucker!

Project X

Where were these chicks back when I was in high school?

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Kate Upton Dancing The Cat Daddy In Bikini

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In order to get the best view of this hottie you are going to want to hit the expand button on the videos toolbar all the way to the right. Go ahead and make it cover your entire monitor!

Talk about hitting the genetic lottery and then being at the right place at the right time. Kate Upton got her start in modeling by doing this dance at a basketball game. Now she is doing it here for you wearing a skimpy little bikini!

Now I am sure there are going to be lots of women out there that will say this is fucked up. They will ask if she only has one move and if this is it?

Well, fuck them!

They are just jealous of Kate Upton and her remarkably hot body. It makes them upset that she has a full figure and yet the Barbie generation still likes her.

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Photos of Columbian Escort in Secret Service Hooker Scandal

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Secret Service agent hooker scandal Diana in bikini photo

The first pictures of the Columbian prostitute at the center of the Secret Service hooker scandal are just now surfacing. It isn’t hard to see why eleven secret service agents and nine military service-men are under investigation. This 24 year old Colombian call girl charges $800 a night for her services, but was only offered $28 cab fair!

That wasn’t enough for this reported single mother of a 9 year old son known as Diana. She caused a scene and the cops were called. Apparently she demanded full payment and when she didn’t receive it she went straight to the US Embassy to complain.

Diana Colombian prostitute Secret Service scandal in bikini top

Thus far the Secret Service has dealt with three of their agents. Two supervisors and one agent have been forced to retire, have quit or were fired. It is anybody’s guess what will happen to the remaining scumbags!

Happy face tshirt colombian prostitute secret service scandal


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Project X (2012)

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Teen boobs… No I am not talking about the three boys this film follows as they try to create the ultimate party to end all high school parties (technically there are four boys, but one of them is shooting the film so you only see him once)…

I am talking about real teenage boobs!

One set in particular are owned by Alexis Knapp. You might know her from Couples Retreat. It is OK if you don’t because nobody else watched that movie either.


In Project X (2012) she plays the hottest girl on campus. Think Jennifer Love Hewitt. Eventually she strips down to her panties to show Thomas (the main character she is licking salt and lime off of) a good time. However, before he can stick it in his new flame, old friend, Kirby walks in and catches the two of them.

Oddly enough all of the characters in the movie go by their real names. So add to the titty flashing Kirby Bliss Blanton. She is blonde. She is as girl next door as a Hollywood starlet can get.
I’d hit it, 2x’s!


Now add in a multitude of un-credited teenage boobs and you have a titty bonanza complete with miniskirts so small a little bit of ass is shown now and then. This movie delivers if you are into the song Don’t Stand So Close To Me by The Police.

So if you are looking for something young, perky and highly entertaining to watch I vehemently give Project X my seal of approval and I am confident you will too!

Emma Watson Hogwarts Slut

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A lot of people search for Emma Watson. I guess she is legal these days. I remember spending hours on end viewing her panties on the talk show interview. I guess she wasn’t legal back then. Well, lets talk about what she is up to now!

These days you can see Emma Watson Nude on a site devoted solely to showing her in various porn related photos. Sure, all of the photos are Photoshopped to include her in situations the real Emma Watson would never engage in… But hey, this is all about fantasy right?

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Bryce Dallas Howard Nude

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djoin dd Bryce

You know… you would never expect that the offspring of Opie (aka Ron Howard) would end up being a cute little hot. Little, yes. Cute? No!

But there she is! Bryce Dallas Howard is not only a hottie, she doesn’t mind showing off her hot stuff… including her fiery red bush!

In the movie Manderlay she gets fully nude and shows off her red pussy hair along with her perky young boobies. Her breasts are officially labeled as B’s, but then the Vietnam war is officially labeled as not being a war… Huh? I am saying her tits look more like A-cups in this movie if you ask me…

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Emmy Rossum Nude in Shameless

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I am one of those people that hates the bandwagon mentality.  I hate it to such a fault that I once had my car stolen and could have just taken it from the police instead of having to go through the hassle with the impound yard, but I wasn’t going to go over and see what all of the hassle at the end of the street was about!

Therefor, I will often wait until the second or third season before I get into a show.

Shameless is one of those shows I waited on and now I wish I hadn’t. Who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of teenagers baring it all?

Well, OK… They aren’t technically teenagers. They are just playing high school girls in the show. In real life all of the girls showing their titties and more are over the age of 18.

I’m sorry, was that disclaimer a buzz kill?

As if seeing Emma Rossum nude wasn’t already good enough, the episode I just watched had Laura Wiggins getting naked in the tub beckoning the main character (an older man) to jump in the tub with her. He didn’t do it, but I would have in a heart beat!

Along with the Caucasian girls there are a whole slew of ethnic girls showing skin too. Shanola Hapton is one of them and her body is insanely tight!

Oh… And who can forget Joan Cusack? She is MILF material now. Amazing! Never in my wildest dreams did I think somebody would be jacking off to this chick… Now I find myself doing it!

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What a guy!

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Topless Pics of T-Swizzle

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I don’t know… That face does look a lot like T-Swizzle. I certainly hope those little titties are hers too. But I guess Taylor’s camp says the topless pics of T-Swizzle nude aren’t real so we are supposed to believe this pop-country deva is still straight laced as ever…

Well, about as straight laced as you can be after than mind blowing performance in Valentine’s Day!


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Karla Edecan–Sex Tape

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Paris Hilton although rich and famous has really not contributed anything to our society, hurtful but true.  What has she done that is beneficial to mankind.  Make every little girl want an $1500.00 dog to carry around in their purse, be arrested, have a sex tape.  Not really a ringing endorsement of one’s character, but it is that last one I am thankful for.  Why do you ask, well, it is because it makes not so famous model . bud girls / actresses like Karla Edecan to release their own sex tapes trying to copy her quick rise to fame.

Now Karla Edecan is not born of money like Paris Hilton, but both are models, only one of which her earned it on their on merit and not because of who mommy and daddy were. I personally think Karla Edecan is by far more beautiful than Paris Hilton, but that will come down to the brunette / blonde preference I believe.  But Karla Edecan hands down has the better body and is much more fun to watch being fucked.


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