Christina Aguilera – Upskirt

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Well here you go, not to be outdone by that Britney Spears chick, Christina Aguilera decides to show us a little celebrity upskirt pussy.

I for one will not complain, I am just waiting for Christina Aguilera to one up her on the sex tape now, but that is probably not likely to happen yet since their careers have gone in opposite directions.   Christina when you are desperate and ready I am here for you baby.

Mr. Skin–Clemence Poesy

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Anyone remember this part of Harry Potter, Clemence Poesy in a bathing suit.  How many of you perved to this picture, well if you go to Mr. skin there are some real pictures for you to perv to.


Now isn’t this a better picture for you to enjoy personal alone time to, you don’t have to feel like a pervert when looking at this picture.  Thanks to Mr. Skin you get a better look at Clemence Poesy and she is surrounded by a bunch of little kids, 

Mr. Skin–Scarlett Johansson

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I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for this for a while.  Scarlett Johansson has teased us several times on the big screen, but Mr. Skin went above and beyond for these captures.


I applaud Mr. Skin at 46 minutes and 40 seconds after the 11th hour, if you do not understand that reference then you definitely need to go check out Mr. Skin today.  If you d understand that reference what the hell are you waiting for, join Mr. Skin now.  Scarlett Johansson’s ass and boobs are waiting.

Emily Browning

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Boy, oh boy, it is like Sixteen Candles all over again! This is why actors get into acting. You can cop a feel of all kinds of tits from big Dolly Parton titties to itty bitty titties like those on Emily Browning!

Emily has been making movies for 15 years now. In Sleeping Beauty above she is 21 years old, but in many of her earlier movies like The Uninvited (below) she is barely legal. So barely legal in fact that she is wearing a training bra in the movie!


Talk about a movie made for perverts! It also has a lot of scenes with her and a supposed teen sister in bikinis. Fucking fap material!

Her latest movie is called Sucker Punch. In it she plays a cartoon looking heroine. She completely changes up her look and I have to say, she is fucking hot in that movie!


You can get all of the sexy scenes featuring Emily Browning by joining Mr Skin. You also will get every sexy scene from every movie, TV Show, video or other type of film!

He spends all of his time finding the hot stuff so that you don’t have to. Many sites try to use fake footage of look-a-likes, but only Mr Skin has the real deal. Want to see your favorite actor naked?

Join Mr Skin!

Selena Gomez Sexy, Slutty and Naked

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selena-gomez-dress selena-gomez_self_pics

How many times do you think Selena Gomez and her friend above kissed just to practice. I don’t mean like lesbians or anything. More like they were just trying to see if they know how to do it before laying their sexy teen lips on some guys cock?

selena-gomez-blue-bikini selena-gomez-cute-bikini selena-gomez-bikini

It is no wonder both boys and men (and even some girls) drool over this girls nubile body. She is picture perfect. Selena Gomez embodies what all girls hope to be, a hot teen!

selena-gomez_pussy selena-gomez-slut selena-gomez-nude

But lets be honest, shall we? Every guy that looks at Selena Gomez in her blue bikini above is really picturing her in something with less coverage. Like a sexy fishnet cat suit, a fishnet top or completely naked!

Chances are you are never going to get to see Selena Gomez nude, but that doesn’t have to stop you from dreaming. Not when Dirty Teen Celebrities has naked pics of Selena Gomez drilling her pussy with a vibrator!

Take the tour and give Dirty Teen Celebrities a try. I am sure you will find something you can fap to!

Nude Megan Fox Photos

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megan_fox_sexy Megan Fox
attends Comic-Con 2009 at the San Diego Convention center
San Diego, California - 24.07.09
**Only available for publication in the UK, USA Daily Newspapers, Austria and Switzerland, Portugal, Canada, United Arab Emirates & China. Not available for USA Magazines and the rest of the world**
Mandatory Credit: 
Megan Fox showing some tongue at Comic Con!
megan_fox_boobs megan_fox_skinny_dipping

My old grand-pappy used to have a saying that if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it’s a duck. So shoot it! When it comes to Dirty Teen Celebrities like Megan Fox similar rules apply. If she walks like a slut and she performs like a slut, she’s a slut. So shoot rolls of film with her!

megan-fox_nude megan-fox_naked nude_megan_fox

Crazy shit happens when you make someone into a star. Megan Fox got her big break with Transformers and by the time the third installment came around she had enough of it. She wanted out and called the director Hitler. Well, she got what she wanted. They booted her ass!

Now she is going to have to shake that pretty little ass of hers in a desperate attempt at getting more staring roles. Who wants to work with a diva? Nobody in Hollywood!

In the porn industry we love divas and we’d love to have Megan Fox do some naughty photos. Until then, you can enjoy some nude Megan Fox pics at Dirty Teen Celebrities. They don’t wait for chicks to get naked. Not when they can just Photoshop their head onto someone else!

Some of the naked Megan Fox photos don’t look very good. But others look like pure celebrity spanking gold! Dead on fap-bait! The kind of stuff celebrity fantasies are made of!

Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman Lesbian Kiss

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Sometimes you go to movies because you enjoy the storyline. Other times you go to a movie because it is filled with hot chicks in skimpy outfits doing things they wouldn’t normally do in a Hollywood movie. Both Black Swan and Friends With Benefits are these types of movies!

First, let’s look at Black Swan. It features Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in a lesbian kiss. Then it takes things a step further as Mila licks Natalie’s pussy! This scene is enough of a reason to watch the movie on its own!

Next, there is Friends With Benefits. Not as good since Mila isn’t going down on another girl, but it is good. Lots of Mila Kunis nude and she even has a feet and toes scene. Not big on feet, but I’d fuck hers silly!

Then again… You don’t have to watch either of these bores just for the nude scenes! Mr Skin has all of the clips already cut out for you ready to download. Imagine, every nude, semi-nude or super hot scene in every movie and all at your finger tips!

Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses

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Not to start this review off on a bad note, but really? Is this the best quality of a screen shot that Warner Bros can produce? My fifteen year old son can do a screen capture from an illegal torrent and clean it up with Photoshop better than this!

Anyway… It appears Jennifer Aniston is getting sexy again in another movie. This time she is wearing a lab coat, some lace panties, and garters with nylons! Jennifer’s tits almost spill out on camera!


Jennifer is just what the doctor ordered! Dr Skin that is… At Mr Skin you get to watch every sexy part in every movie ever made. Instead of having to rent or buy the entire thing you can skip all of the saucy bullshit and get right into the sex!

Why watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High in its entirety when all you really want to see is Phoebe Cates getting naked before diving into the pool?


Grab a Mr Skin password and start watching only the gushy parts!

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Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

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6.eee4287a 15.f1806d87
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One of the most often searched for nude celebrities is Kendra Wilkinson. It isn’t hard to understand why that is. I mean, she is America’s sweetheart and she actually is a sweetheart. She has come from rags to riches. A true Cinderella story!

As it turns out, Kendra does have a salacious side! She loves to have sex (who doesn’t?) and she loves to video tape herself doing it! When it came out that some of her tapes were stolen she didn’t sit back and let somebody else make money off of her, she fought back!

No, she didn’t go to court to have the tapes suppressed, instead, Kendra teamed up with Vivid Entertainment to release the videos herself! Get your own copy of the tape at and watch as America’s sweetheart gets raw and nasty in bed!

The Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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Kim_Kardashian_Shaved_Camel_Toe_Picture kimksuperstar_03_002
kimksuperstar_02_003 kimksuperstar_03_001

Sometimes I feel like a celebrities beauty is overblown. It should take more than just being hot with clothes on to be considered a sex symbol. That is how I felt about Kim Kardashian until I saw the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!

Without clothes on this Hollywood celeb looks even hotter. Seeing her tight little pussy confirmed that she isn’t an overblown sex symbol, she is a sex goddess! is the only legal place you can get her entire Kim Kardashian Sex Tape. It also features exclusive tie-ins. It is hard to believe a woman this famous would release a sex tape, but I guess the millions were too big to pass up!

Lucy Pinder

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Ever been to heaven? Lucy Pinder can take you there. She unleashed her huge boobs at a beach and left a photographer so flabbergasted he signed her to a UK tabloids deal on the spot!

Check out her huge tits as she inducts her boyfriend into huge tits heaven!


Jodie Foster Naked and Tied Up!

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I think it is safe to say that I am not the only guy in the world who wanted to tie up Jodie Foster’s character, Clarice Starling, from The Silence of the Lambs and…


Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof

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Ever heard the song, "Do They Know It Is Christmas?" Sure you have… They play it in every elevator in every city on Earth all fucking day long during the Xmas holiday season. Well, that song was written by a beautiful man. OK… So Bob Geldof is actually quite ugly. What did you expect? After all, the fucker is British!

So anyways… His wife was Paula Yates and well, Ms. Swan from Mad TV  would say, "She look’a like’a man!"…

So where was I? Oh yeah… Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof nude beach photos… This young celebutante looks like a modern Aphrodite!

Peaches Geldof is the British equivalent to Paris Hilton. She is often photographed naked, she doesn’t seem to wear underwear when wearing a skirt and exiting a car and she is rumored to have an upcoming sex tape floating around.

At one point she was the spokes model for Ultimo underwear.  She lost that job once these racy nude beach photos appeared in the tabloids. Too bad. What in the fuck though? Are these people fucking hypocrites or what?

I mean, think about it. In the UK a chick can show her tits on page 3 of the tabloids at 16 years old! So why fire your head model for showing her tits at a nude beach? And their site is filled with models wearing nothing but panties and bras!!! So what gives?

Really though… Who gives a shit, right? We are here to see hot, dirty teen celebrities and that is what really counts!

Mr Skin Mimi Rogers

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Damn Mimi Rogers has some nice tits!

Mr Skin is the premier celebrity porn site and in this update he features huge tits, a perfect ass and plenty enough hot oil to get everything well lubricated.

For those of you that are older you will remember Mimi Rogers as an ex-wife of Tom Cruise. For those of you that are younger and part of the poker generation you will remember Mimi Rogers as a celebrity player on the World Poker Tour and on Hollywood Poker.

No matter how you know Mimi Rogers it is time to get to know her even better at Mr Skin!

Female Celbrites – Jessica Biel

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If you haven’t heard of Jessica Biel you have to have been living in a cave or dead, day is not even a factor in this one.  Meaning even gay guys love Female Celebrities like Jessica Biel.

This is one of the sexiest women on the planet, and if you don’t think so then you are a fucking Alien from outer space who only loves space monkeys.  Jessica Biel is one of the very few Female Celebrities that can be transformed into any arena and just be sexy.  Nerdy, she is sexy, Business Woman, she is sexy, Daddy’s little rich girl, she is sexy.  Need I say more, just go check her out, she is sexy.


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