Gwyneth Paltrow In Sexy Lingerie

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Well it looks like Gwyneth Paltrow is still turning heads at age 40 with her lingerie scene from the soon to be released movie Thanks For Sharing. The movie fallows various cast members as they try to deal with their sexual addictions. With a hot babe like Gwyneth waiting at home who can blame anyone for not wanting to bang her?


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One Cute Redhead Compilation Of A Hottie

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Imagine if you could take Ann-Margret, Nicole Kidman, and Amy Adams into one cute body and especially cute face. That is what Natalia E reminds me of here. A compilation of every redhead I like in Hollywood. Plus there is the fact that her hair is wet and her tits are perkier than any I have ever seen in Hollywood or otherwise.

Natalia E also goes as Lily C on some sites. Check out her Natalia E Femjoy galleries if you want to see what I mean. Just know that you are not seeing double.

You might be able to find even more of this hottie on Photodromm. It is the most awesome babe site with a strange name. I don’t know what they were thinking when they picked it, but the girls are out of this world cute. Definitely a bookmark worth site.

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Maine Zumba Prostitute Alexis Wright Convicted

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Why do all of the hot ones have to get caught? If it isn’t an NFL cheerleader fucking a seventeen year old, it is a Zumba fitness instructor fucking her clients for cash and video taping them without their knowledge. This single mother from Maine was running her prostitution ring from her Zumba studio racking up $150,000 tax free. Now she will be spending the next 10 months behind bars and has to pay over $50,000 to the IRS for restitution. If only she had done all of this in Los Angeles. Then her 10 months would get reduced to 3 or 4 weeks due to overcrowding in the jail system.

19d3dc6597 134_3_Alexis

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