Project X (2012)

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Teen boobs… No I am not talking about the three boys this film follows as they try to create the ultimate party to end all high school parties (technically there are four boys, but one of them is shooting the film so you only see him once)…

I am talking about real teenage boobs!

One set in particular are owned by Alexis Knapp. You might know her from Couples Retreat. It is OK if you don’t because nobody else watched that movie either.


In Project X (2012) she plays the hottest girl on campus. Think Jennifer Love Hewitt. Eventually she strips down to her panties to show Thomas (the main character she is licking salt and lime off of) a good time. However, before he can stick it in his new flame, old friend, Kirby walks in and catches the two of them.

Oddly enough all of the characters in the movie go by their real names. So add to the titty flashing Kirby Bliss Blanton. She is blonde. She is as girl next door as a Hollywood starlet can get.
I’d hit it, 2x’s!


Now add in a multitude of un-credited teenage boobs and you have a titty bonanza complete with miniskirts so small a little bit of ass is shown now and then. This movie delivers if you are into the song Don’t Stand So Close To Me by The Police.

So if you are looking for something young, perky and highly entertaining to watch I vehemently give Project X my seal of approval and I am confident you will too!

Emma Watson Hogwarts Slut

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A lot of people search for Emma Watson. I guess she is legal these days. I remember spending hours on end viewing her panties on the talk show interview. I guess she wasn’t legal back then. Well, lets talk about what she is up to now!

These days you can see Emma Watson Nude on a site devoted solely to showing her in various porn related photos. Sure, all of the photos are Photoshopped to include her in situations the real Emma Watson would never engage in… But hey, this is all about fantasy right?

You can get more photos of her nude and real videos of her panties (along with the pics) at Dirty Teen Celebrities. They have a mixed bag of both real and fakes in the members area.

That is all for now… Happy stroking!


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