Maine Zumba Prostitute Alexis Wright Convicted

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Why do all of the hot ones have to get caught? If it isn’t an NFL cheerleader fucking a seventeen year old, it is a Zumba fitness instructor fucking her clients for cash and video taping them without their knowledge. This single mother from Maine was running her prostitution ring from her Zumba studio racking up $150,000 tax free. Now she will be spending the next 10 months behind bars and has to pay over $50,000 to the IRS for restitution. If only she had done all of this in Los Angeles. Then her 10 months would get reduced to 3 or 4 weeks due to overcrowding in the jail system.

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Teen Mom Farrah Hardcore Sex Tape

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Watch the Farrah sex tape now!

Just look at the hard body on this Teen Mom alumni. Farrah Abraham had dreams of modeling before she ended up being sixteen and pregnant. Her body is heavenly with perfect tits, a rock hard stomach and sexy long legs. While modeling seems to have been out of her reach she didn’t let that stop her from putting herself into the public eye.

No, I am not talking about her music album here. That thing sucked and tanked just as it should have. I am talking about her sex tape with James Deen. In it she does it all. Watch Farrah Abraham sucking his cock, taking it up her ass and vaginally.

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Farrah Abraham Porn Tape Comes Out

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I knew this chick was a skank the minute I laid eyes on her. Farrah Abraham from teen mom was, by far, the slutiest one on the show. So when she finally relented and her sex tape got out I knew this bitch was getting paid somehow. Why else would a dumb skank like her to some reality show showing just how white trash she was?

In the end she ended up making just under a cool million. I would imagine she also makes some kind of royalty payment as well. Unlike most celebs that have their homemade sex tapes released this reality star is actually promoting her tape. Like she wants everybody to watch her have sex with James Deen!

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Raunchy Porno Featuring Bianca Pureheart

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Checking out photos and videos of nude female celebrities is great and all, but sometimes I want to dive right into the real thing. When I have days like that I turn to porn stars tube videos on sites like I know you guys must do this as well because I see you often searching here for porn stars names.

So today it is going to be watch porn day here at Nude Celebs. All those in favor raise your cock. Ah, 100% of us are in. Great. Enjoy the porno and make sure you bookmark them. They update their site daily and the videos are often over twenty minutes in length.

If you are knowledgeable about porn stars names you can even do them a solid by entering girls names into the box below their video. I have tagged quite a few myself and I am no porn master. I tagged Bianca’s video!

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Have Wet And Messy Sex With Free SexRoulette

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This isn’t Lindsay Lohan and some blonde bimbo she picked up in a club, but it very well could have been. Lindsay has flown the coup. She is about as nutty as you can get without causing yourself serious harm. It is no wonder she is hanging out with Charlie Sheen. They are perfect for each other.

Another perfect for each other situation is you enjoying hot teen girls on free SexRoulette. I found these two getting wet and messy by random accident. Well, not a true accident since the point of the site is to match you up with random chat partners.

The service is completely free of charge. Imagine enjoying free porn roulette cams for hours with no fees. Now stop imagining it and start experiencing it. You have probably seen videos of hot teen girls before and wondered about the legality of it all. This site vets each cam model like any other site. Not charging you is the only difference.

Keep it legal and keep it fun!

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Jennifer Aniston in Friend With Money

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Well, she isn’t a nude celebrity in these video clips from Friends With Money, but she is a sexy maid. Jennifer Aniston is one hot momma… oops, she never gave Brad any kids. That’s why he jumped ship over to Angelina Jolie. Well, she is a hot and sexy maid for sure.

In this movie she does some bending over and just watching her have a conversation while she is dressed as a French maid is enough to make you want to rub one out. Towards the end she gets laid (with the outfit on unfortunately).

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Nicole Kidman Dancing Provocatively On Webcam

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OK, when did Nicole Kidman get a part in a movie where she dances provocatively in a white bra and panties set? She didn’t? Then who in the fuck is this? She looks like she is her younger sister, or just Nicole when she was in college.

You don’t have to be Tom Cruise or Keith Urban to see this little cutie shaking her thang on a free teen cam show. You can watch her live. She is super hot and super horny. She talks dirty and her fucking lips make your cock want to bleed cum immediately!

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Aspiring Hollywood Actress Caught On Webcam

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Which Hollywood celebrity is this candid of? Well, technically she isn’t a celebrity yet. She is still in acting school and having a hard time paying her student loans. To try and shore up her budget shortfall she is doing webcam shows and finding out that everything she previously thought about them is wrong.

She goes by Diamant on OnAirCams. I am sorry, but I cannot divulge her true identity since she really does want to become a movie star someday. If the Hollywood producers found out about her illicit online activities they would blacklist her from any A-list project she could ever hope to be a part of.

Now is your chance to go cam2cam with a super sexy 22 year old aspiring actress. Be the one that can say you banged her before she was famous. Even though your friends might be assholes and point out that it was just a cyber banging you can always insist that they are just jealous of the player you have become.


This is one of her shots she sends to talent agencies looking for work. Damn would I ever enjoy working over her large tits. I’d love to lather them in my spunk to be exact.

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R.I.P. Mindy McCready (sex tape)

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How is it that such a hot babe with such beautiful songs would make the decision to cut her own life short? Mindy McCready is no longer with us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy her still.

The Mindy McCready sex tape is flying off of the shelves (figuratively speaking). It seems that whenever a hot babe dies everybody wants to watch her having sex. Before she died about fifty people a day would go to her site to see her sex tape. Now that number is more like 15,000 a day!

Don’t be the only dipshit at the water cooler that hasn’t seen her sex video!


Even country singers can be baseball groupies. Mindy was one of the good ones. She had a huge thing for Roger Clemens.

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Sex Toys And Celebrities

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Say… Isn’t that Gene Simmons fucking a little blonde girl about the same age as his own daughter? Maybe Sophie is going to have to keep her friends away from her daddy or he is going to bang them!

If Shannon got a We-Vibe from this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

What is a We-Vibe?

Glad you asked. It is the first couples sex toy of its kind. It allows you to bang your significant other while she has the vibrator inside her. In Shannon’s case it would make her pussy feel as tight as this blonde beauties does so he wouldn’t have to go elsewhere for sex.

Not only does it add a little fullness to the equation, the We-Vibe also stimulates both the penis and the G-Spot at the same time. While that end is working its magic the top end is gently massaging her clit. Even an old dog like Gene could make any girl cum with this thing.

Want to get kinky in the tub? Take the We-Vibe with you! It is water proof and made of surgical grade silicone so it can turn that boring shower into a wild sexual encounter. You can even set its various vibration levels with the remote control while in the act of fucking!

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Chat With Christie Stevens For Free

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Hurry up as the clock is running out on this live web cam sex chat show with America’s sweetheart Christie Stevens. Registered guests get free access to the show. You can ask her questions, make requests and see her naked!

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Sarah Jones Ex-NFL Cheerleader

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article-2122513-1264C729000005DC-129_306x480 bengal-cheerleader-sarah-jones

Every friggin time I post about this sort of thing I get mixed comments from my readers. Guys love these kinds of posts and my stance on them. Girls hate these kinds of posts and think my views on their subject matter are wrong. I’ll let you decide.

Ex-NFL cheerleader for the Bengals, Sarah Jones, has pleaded guilty to felony custodial interference and misdemeanor sexual misconduct. What in the fuck do both of those charges mean? They mean she gets to skip going to jail and instead be out on probation. What did the charges stem from?

It seems Sarah Jones was not only a cheerleader for the Bengals, but also a teacher for Dixie Heights High School. While there she entered into a sexual relationship with one of her students. Fuck yeah! High fucking fives all around if you ask me!


Nobody is asking me, but they were asking the boys mother and father who decided to not help the prosecution and give their son high fives on landing a fucking NFL cheerleader while still in high school.

Now to be fare the guy does look much older and more mature for his age. In fact, he kind of looks like he could be playing football in the NFL. He has since reached the age of consent which means they can stop hiding their relationship!

While I’d gut a male teacher if he did this to my daughter I again will ask for a round of high fives for this kid. What a fucking awesome human being!

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Miley Cyrus Flashing Her Ass In Daisy Dukes

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Hollywood celebrities aren’t much different than their non-celeb counterparts. Take Miley Cyrus for instance. Just like other girls her age she uses her newly acquired lady parts to attract attention to herself. Miley was recently seen shopping with her friends wearing some very skimpy Daisy Duke shorts and a cutoff shirt with no bra. Luckily it was a warm day so her indicators weren’t going off.


That doesn’t mean ever man within eyeshot of her didn’t have their indicators going off. This dirty teen celebrities cute little booty had guys hiding their stiff cocks for miles around.


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Octomom Masturbation Videos!

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Awww fuck man!

I have written about a lot of celebrity nude sites over the years and I have to tell you, I was not looking forward to writing about the fucking Octomom Nadya Suleman. I hated this bitch when she was hogging up the news for over a year. But that all changed once I actually watched a few of her videos…

Having watched the videos I have to say a few things in her defense:

1) She has some fucking wonderful tits! I am not sure what they will look like in five years, but right now they look amazing. Having kids are Gods way of giving you a boob job and it definitely worked out in Nadya’s case!

2) Nadya Suleman has a pretty tight looking body for somebody that just got done carrying eight kids in her belly. I don’t know what I expected her to look like. Jessica Simpson looks like a fucking cow. Nadya actually looks… well… pretty damn hot!

3) As I am watching the first video it pops into my mind. If I didn’t know who this chick was, I would have already had my dick in my hand! By the second video my dick was asking for attention and… as much as it kills me to say this… by the third video I was pumping right along with Nadya Suleman!

Whether you are just curious about seeing the Octomom nude or you are into ladies with 14 kids, at $9.99 to see everything for one fee this site is a no-brainer!

Mariko Izumi

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Sorry, fellas, no nudity today. But I do have a healthy dose of one hot babe named Mariko Izumi for your viewing pleasure. She is the girl on the left and yes, she caught that fish.

Mariko is the daughter of Bob Izumi the famous fishing tournament legend. She has come out from under her dad’s wing and now hosts her own show on the World Fishing Network (WFN). It is called Hookin’ Up with Mariko Izumi. I have watched a few episodes and this second season has really been rocking!

For starters Mariko often spends the better part of the show wearing a bikini. Then, from time to time she will have yet another bikini wearing babe on the boat. You end up having a hard time dividing your attention between the two of them, but somehow, I know you will push through it.





Enjoy the sexy pics and don’t forget to tune into the WFN for her show!

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