Selena Gomez – Vanessa Hudgens – Spring Breakers

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If these girls were Thai this could be any downtown street in Thailand with hookers on it. But no… these girls are from the movie Spring Breakers. And just like real spring breakers these girls look like hookers. Is it any wonder why date-rapes happen more often during spring break than any other time of the year?

Anyway, the girls all look smoking hot in this movie. That might be why it didn’t do well at the box office. Girls don’t want to bring boys to a movie where the girls are all wearing bikinis and looking hot. It is just how the world works. Guys don’t want to go to a movie like this because they will look like idiots. However, that isn’t stopping guys from watching it on Netflix with their dicks in their hands!

One country this film did do well in is France. Draw your own conclusions on that one.

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