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hollywood superstar halle berry tits

Hollywood and The Oscars may have undervalued the contribution of African-American talent down the years, but the same certainly can’t be said for us fans of celebrity skin. Must have been a hard task to select which nubian stars made it to this top 30 black celebs nude collection.

Some are natural shoo-ins, of course, like the delectable likes of superstar Halle Berry and the the titanic titty legend of blaxploitation movies who is Pam Grier. But with others, it’s much more subjective. I have to say, I’m in full agreement with quite a lot of these selections. Singers like Beyonce and Rihanna had to be there. Maybe, only those of us of a certain age can as easily agree with Appollonia Kotero and Vanity 6. These former Prince protégés were fantasy pin-ups for a whole generation of 1980s teens.

The new generation of actresses like Thandie Newton and Naturi Naughton are worthy inclusions to these top naked ebony stars. But it’s good to see some nostalgic picks too. I’d almost forgotten just how stunning the likes of Lisa Bonet and Jennifer Beals once were. Yum!

Christina Aguilera – Upskirt

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Well here you go, not to be outdone by that Britney Spears chick, Christina Aguilera decides to show us a little celebrity upskirt pussy.

I for one will not complain, I am just waiting for Christina Aguilera to one up her on the sex tape now, but that is probably not likely to happen yet since their careers have gone in opposite directions.   Christina when you are desperate and ready I am here for you baby.

Leelee Sobieski Pink Panties Upskirt Photo

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This victim of an upskirt sniper attack goes by the name Leelee Sobieski. When she isn’t giving pink panty upskirt photos a shot, Leelee is making movies and guest staring in TV shows like Drop Dead Diva.


You can check out her massive camel toe in The Glass House and don’t forget, this young hottie gets naked in a couple of movies! You can watch the clips at Mr Skin!

Dirty Teen Celebrities – Olson Twins Naked!

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If the world were a better place (for perverts like us) we wouldn’t have to have celebrity fakes like the one above. You have to admit though… For a photochopped pic, that one is pretty fucking nice!

Seeing the Olson Twins naked for real isn’t going to happen so I go to Dirty Teen Celebrities. They don’t wait for the girls to get naked on their own, they strip them digitally!

Along with the fake nude celebs they also have tons and tons of real stuff too. Not just pics either… At Dirty Teen Celebrities they have just about every video clip a Hollywood starlet has ever been naked in!

Girls like Christina Ricci are well known for their inability to keep their clothes on while performing in blockbuster movies. There is nothing like seeing a teenage debutant in her panties or 100% nude!

They have pics of girls showing some skin for their boyfriends like Miley Cyrus and nude sexting pics of Vanessa Hudgens. Upskirts from celebs like Emma Watson!

Name the girl and Dirty Teen Celebrities has her wearing little or nothing for sure. They might even have a perfect, spot on photochop of her having rough sex!

Paris Hilton – Upskirt

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When it comes to celebrities, nobody gives the world more upskirt photos and naked pics than Paris Hilton. I have a lot of friends that say she is ugly and they wouldn’t hit it with a ten foot pole. They are usually the same idiots that actually read Playboy for the articles.

Fuck them!

Paris, you are a fucking goddess!

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Emma Watson Upskirt

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emma-watson-nude_ emma-watson-upskirt emma-watson-panties_

It was only a matter of time. Emma Watson recently turned 18 years old and once she did the upskirt pics were not far behind. It is no secret that celebrity girls enjoy showing off what is underneath their skirts. Just look at my last post.

Celebrity chicks love to show their pussy!

Perhaps it is the idea of being bad when you have so many handlers trying to make sure you do nothing but good? Obviously the producers of the Harry Potter movies would prefer Emma Watson keep her squeaky clean image. But what is a girl to do? She has to be boiling over with all of the pressure and this is a way to act out and  let out some  steam.

Nude celebs are letting it all hang out, including Emma Watson, at Babylon-X. The first nude celeb site and by far one of the best. These guys don’t have to put celeb heads on nude bodies to survive. They get the real deal. Real nude celeb videos and pics you won’t believe!

Try Babylon-X for three days at $1 and see why the vast majority of members stick around for years!

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The Three Snatchketeers

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I hate to say it but… I have to say, Britney Spears has an exceptional beaver! I also have to wonder… Three dumb bitches with drug problems, identity crisis problems and in general are just pretty damn fucked up in the head, all lose their panties on the same night? They all give upskirt shots on the same night?


Where in the fuck was I?

No problem… With blogs like mine you don’t have to be there. You just have to be here! Nude Celebs has you covered whenever some celebrity chick decides popularity is more important than being proper.

Mr Skin also has you covered when it comes to Nude Celebs. He has been cataloging naked female celebs for years. He also has the largest collection of celebs just being sexy. You can watch all of the Britney Spears clips and even download them. They have plenty of Lindsay Lohan too.

If you want Paris Hilton you can get her at one of my other sites, Hotel Heiress. She doesn’t just get nude there, she sucks dick and gets fucked too!


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