Emma Stone

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After her feature film debut in Superbad there wasn’t much of a buzz about Emma Stone. That is about to change now that Emma is playing Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man!

Since the news of her upcoming roll was released I have been inundated with requests for nude Emma Stone pics. Well, the problem with those is she hasn’t posed for Playboy or even Maxim yet. Only two or three years ago most people thought of her as a red headed step-child. Not anymore!

Now Emma Stone is a full blown sex symbol. I guess she can thank Lindsey Lohan for turning gingers into models of sexuality. These days Emma is going to have to make sure to wear panties while heading out on the town or the paparazzi are going to have a field day snapping photos of her ginger pussy!

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Britney Spears Sex Tape Surfaces

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britney_spears_blowjob_sex_tape britney_spears_sex_tape

It turns out that Paris Hilton won’t be the only female celebrity caught nude and sucking cock! The Britney Spears sex tape has finally surfaced and Exposed Teen Celebs has it!

Britney Spears recorded her first album Baby One More Time when she was still a child and released it as a barely legal adult. It made her a pop-queen and immediately shot her into music stardom!

While girls were going ga-ga over the albums lyrics, guys were going go-goo, as in man-goo, over her schoolgirl image. Attempts were made by amateur sleuths to scan her album cover into digital form and enhance the lighting to see if she was wearing panties when she shot the cover.

As it turns out the record executives were already thinking the same thing so they digitally enhanced the image with a black triangle to cover her pussy.

Remember, she was underage when she posed for the album cover!

Forget about that low level porn though… Now you can watch Britney Spears sucking a nice hard cock as the guy spurts his cum wad into her open mouth!

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