Karla Edecan–Sex Tape

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Paris Hilton although rich and famous has really not contributed anything to our society, hurtful but true.  What has she done that is beneficial to mankind.  Make every little girl want an $1500.00 dog to carry around in their purse, be arrested, have a sex tape.  Not really a ringing endorsement of one’s character, but it is that last one I am thankful for.  Why do you ask, well, it is because it makes not so famous model . bud girls / actresses like Karla Edecan to release their own sex tapes trying to copy her quick rise to fame.

Now Karla Edecan is not born of money like Paris Hilton, but both are models, only one of which her earned it on their on merit and not because of who mommy and daddy were. I personally think Karla Edecan is by far more beautiful than Paris Hilton, but that will come down to the brunette / blonde preference I believe.  But Karla Edecan hands down has the better body and is much more fun to watch being fucked.

Self Shot Nude Celeb Vanessa Hudgens

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Naked Vanessa Hudgens self shot mirror pics? It seems even young Hollywood starlets have the same troubles as the average American teenager!

The nice thing about these pics is that Vanessa is hot! Some of the stars look like horse shit naked. Sad… but true! Vanessa looks smoking hot and ready to fuck!

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