Emma Watson Upskirt

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It was only a matter of time. Emma Watson recently turned 18 years old and once she did the upskirt pics were not far behind. It is no secret that celebrity girls enjoy showing off what is underneath their skirts. Just look at my last post.

Celebrity chicks love to show their pussy!

Perhaps it is the idea of being bad when you have so many handlers trying to make sure you do nothing but good? Obviously the producers of the Harry Potter movies would prefer Emma Watson keep her squeaky clean image. But what is a girl to do? She has to be boiling over with all of the pressure and this is a way to act out and  let out some  steam.

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The Three Snatchketeers

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I hate to say it but… I have to say, Britney Spears has an exceptional beaver! I also have to wonder… Three dumb bitches with drug problems, identity crisis problems and in general are just pretty damn fucked up in the head, all lose their panties on the same night? They all give upskirt shots on the same night?


Where in the fuck was I?

No problem… With blogs like mine you don’t have to be there. You just have to be here! Nude Celebs has you covered whenever some celebrity chick decides popularity is more important than being proper.

Mr Skin also has you covered when it comes to Nude Celebs. He has been cataloging naked female celebs for years. He also has the largest collection of celebs just being sexy. You can watch all of the Britney Spears clips and even download them. They have plenty of Lindsay Lohan too.

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Nude Celebs – Paris Hilton – Boobs on a Boat

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Paris Hilton has recently stated that she had hoped to become a world renown blonde celebrity with the status and stardom normally associated with Princess Diana. According to her those dreams were dashed when her sex tape with Rick Solomon was leaked to the masses. You can watch it at the Hotel Heiress in its entirety!

Since the tape surfaced Paris Hilton has been observed kissing other women in public and showing off her A-Cup rack just about everywhere she can. Including here with Joe from Girls Gone Wild. Does this girls sexuality ever rest?

So no, Paris Hilton the Hotel Heiress will not be enjoying Princess Diana’s celebrity life. We will, however, be enjoying the Paris brand of celebrity life for as long as she continues to expose her tits! And… Blowing Rick Solomon’s Cock!


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