Paris Hilton : Busted for Cocaine Possession?

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Oops, she did it again… No, not Britney this time, Paris HIlton! The stupid Hotel Heiress has managed to get herself into trouble once again. You know, if she were anybody else, she’d be doing a couple of years in prison right now?

So what’d Princess Can Do No Wrong do, not so right, this time? She got busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas! Again, if you or I got busted with any amount of drugs in Vegas we’d be going directly to jail. Nevada doesn’t fuck around with drug possession. You get caught, you do time. Only time will tell if this crazy bitch gets off once again.

Now lets look at that photo above. Does this bitch enjoy flashing what little tit she has? She seems to expose them and her shaved, little beaver every chance she gets! And those sunglasses…  What the fuck? Why do you want to look like my great aunt when you aren’t even 30 yet?

Anyway… Go check out the Paris Hilton sex tape if you haven’t already. If there is one thing this girl can do right it is give a blowjob like only a true hotel heiress can!

Heidi Montag

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So there is this saying… Those who live by the sword, die by the sword… As it turns out Heidi Montag decided to go under the knife to get a lot of work done. She got her ears pinned, her chin shaved down and… yeah… Her tits got a little bit bigger!

Now it seems this Hills brat has decided they are too big! Heidi Montag is complaining that she can no longer do simple things with these G cup tits like hug her dogs or even her dumbass loser of an ex-husband Spencer Pratt.

This dumb bitch just keeps making mistakes! I wonder if taking her tits out will end up being one of them?!?!

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Nude Celebs : Jojo Levesque

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Now some would say that the nude Jojo Levesque photos in the gallery above are in bad taste. Obviously they were photochopped and she never posed for them… Well, nude anyway. But can’t a boy dream?!?!

He sure can! At Dirty Teen Celebrities they have all of the hottest stars both in and out of clothes. Niches range from their camel toe shots in pants and bikinis to real topless photos from nude beaches in South Africa and France to, fake photos like the one above… Which I have to say… It does look pretty damn good!

So dream a little dream of Jojo with your newly acquired nude Jojo Levesque photos and do it for only a buck!


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