Octomom Masturbation Videos!

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Awww fuck man!

I have written about a lot of celebrity nude sites over the years and I have to tell you, I was not looking forward to writing about the fucking Octomom Nadya Suleman. I hated this bitch when she was hogging up the news for over a year. But that all changed once I actually watched a few of her videos…

Having watched the videos I have to say a few things in her defense:

1) She has some fucking wonderful tits! I am not sure what they will look like in five years, but right now they look amazing. Having kids are Gods way of giving you a boob job and it definitely worked out in Nadya’s case!

2) Nadya Suleman has a pretty tight looking body for somebody that just got done carrying eight kids in her belly. I don’t know what I expected her to look like. Jessica Simpson looks like a fucking cow. Nadya actually looks… well… pretty damn hot!

3) As I am watching the first video it pops into my mind. If I didn’t know who this chick was, I would have already had my dick in my hand! By the second video my dick was asking for attention and… as much as it kills me to say this… by the third video I was pumping right along with Nadya Suleman!

Whether you are just curious about seeing the Octomom nude or you are into ladies with 14 kids, at $9.99 to see everything for one fee this site is a no-brainer!


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