Rihanna To Karrueche Tran and Back To Rihanna

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karrueche tran wearing a black bikini on the beach Rihanna in a green bikini at the beach

I swear celebrities are some of the stupidest people on the planet!

Take Chris Brown for instance. The idiot knocks out his super star celebrity girlfriend Rihanna and ends up getting busted by the justice system. So what does he do? Well, at first he starts off making a great decision to leave Rihanna alone and instead date a little cutie named Karrueche Tran.

He caught a lot of flack by dating this seemingly barely legal babe. While Tran might look barely legal she is well over the age of eighteen. Nonetheless Chris was chastised for appearing to rob the cradle with this girl.

Chris Brown off girlfriend Karrueche Tran -QAZlESVKz-l

I can kind of, soft of see why. I mean, she looks like she could be his daughter and the dude is only 24 years old himself!

Chris lost his man-card when he ended up breaking up with Miss Tran and hooking back up with the girl that has done nothing but ruin his life both personally and professionally.

Rihanna in Barbados wearing bikini with boob falling out

And even if Rihanna didn’t act like a bitch you can tell she is going to look like a skank by the time she is thirty. Which gives her another five years or so of looking moderately fuckable in a bathing suit.

Had he stayed with Karrueche he would be fucking a girl that looks barely legal long into her thirties, and quite possibly forties!

Oh well. He is an idiot. Good luck, Miss Tran. Chris probably did you a favor!

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When Celebrities Don’t Know They Fucked Up

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Getting a boob job isn’t as simple as looking up a plastic surgeon in the phonebook and whipping out a credit card. Then again, maybe it is. Looking at the grotesque tits on both Tori Spelling and Audrina Partridge and how they seem to want to display them at all times you have to wonder if they realize they fucked up their tits!?!?

This is a prime example of going to bad doctors for something that should be very important to both women. They are going to be seen internationally on TV and the Internet. Sites with nude celebrities like my own will make plenty of fun of their fuck ups. Mainly because both women are rich enough to go back and demand a better job be done!

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