Mackenzie Rosman – Ruthie Camden

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You probably grew up with Ruthie Camden and you probably didn’t imagine her as a woman. Well, she is twenty years old now and like most coeds she has made a few poor choices about taking her picture and sending it to that special guy.

That special guy sent it to a buddy who sent it to someone else and the next thing you know, Mackenzie Rosman is now on Dirty Teen Celebrities!


There are dozens of pics of this coed cutie. Mackenzie has really developed since her time on the show. You can catch her on The Secret Life of the American Teenager as the character Zoe.

Nothing compares to the racy photos at Dirty Teen Celebrities though. They even have her naked!

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Penelope Cruz

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IF, and that is a mighty big if, Penelope Cruz were to star in a nude vampire movie I am sure this is exactly how she would look. Since that isn’t going to happen we can always enjoy the handy work of the guys and gals at Mr Skin.

While other sites are showing you nipple slips and skimpy bikini pics, Mr Skin is taking it all off. Sure, they also have those legit pics incase you are into very softcore stuff, but their bread and butter is the hardcore stuff. The stuff a real Penelope Cruz would never do. Stupid, bitch!

You can join Mr Skin for only $9.95 for a full month!

Stana Katic

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My guess is that Stana Katic never got the memo. Which one you ask? The one that says you change your name when you get into acting. No problems though… It doesn’t seem to have effected her star power.

Before this Canadian born actress became famous at Detective Kate Beckett in Castle, she was not so famous in a string of B-movies. In the one above she has some sexy lesbian sex.

Mr Skin has been nice enough to aggregate all of the clips and pics from movies where female stars take it all off. There is no better place to find legitimate nude celebs!

Jennifer Aniston – Skimpy Pink Bikini

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Jennifer Aniston is seen sporting a skimpy pink bikini during a  movie shoot in Hawaii.  The 41 year old actress shows that she isn’t afraid to show a little extra skin!

Jennifer Aniston in Hawaii

Many are wondering how much of her scene will show up in the movie and whether or not they will airbrush Jennifer Aniston’s hard nipples out of the scene.

Filiming Just Go With It - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston in a pink bikini.


It’s not the same Jennifer Aniston’s ass you saw in her movie with Vince Vaughn, The Breakup, but then her co-star isn’t exactly in the best shape either.


Brooklyn Decker with a thicker booty (and juicier tits) then we are used to!

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