Paris Hilton – Upskirt

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When it comes to celebrities, nobody gives the world more upskirt photos and naked pics than Paris Hilton. I have a lot of friends that say she is ugly and they wouldn’t hit it with a ten foot pole. They are usually the same idiots that actually read Playboy for the articles.

Fuck them!

Paris, you are a fucking goddess!

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Stephanie Pratt – Bulimia? WTF???

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So it has been reported that Stephanie Pratt struggles with bulimia because she is not rail thin like her co-stars on The Hills. Does somebody want to kick this hottie in the stomach and let her know she is fucking gorgeous at the size God intended?

Stephanie has a brother on the show named Spencer who’s only claim to fame other than the show is that he is married to Heidi Pratt (previously Montag). Sure Heidi is thin but she suffers from the Mac-Tonight syndrome. If you don’t know what that is, Jay Leno suffers from it too.

Stephanie’s costar on the show, Lauren Conrad, on the other hand, she is a hottie no matter how you slice it. I’d hit that in a New York minute. I am not saying she is hotter than Stephanie Pratt though… I like to grip dem hips, if ya know what I mean and I know you do.

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Nadia Farès Nude – Nadia Fares – Nude Celebs

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The labeling of porn in America is a fickle thing. Take Nadia Fares for example. She came to America with Hollywood dreams in her eyes and appeared in a short run TV series called “The Exile”. Things didn’t turn out how she planned and she headed back to her native France. While there she starred in dozens of French films… and that is where America’s view of what is porn and Frances view of what is porn collide.

You see, half of the movies that Nadia Farès has been in contain nudity. Not just tits. We are talking full frontal. Remember though, she is French so it is a jungle down there. Actually, she keeps it nicely trimmed. I wish all French women would take some cues from her.

So in France her nudity is no big deal. She is not ostracized by the mainstream media for having done dozens of movies with little to no cloths on. Hell, this hottie with a sweet set of big tits even goes as far in some of the films as Playboy models do on cable! What the fuck?

In America what she does is considered porn. In France what she does is considered art. After making that statement I have to tell you, I almost want to fucking move to France! Almost… Freedom-Fries mutha-fucka!

You can see all of Nadia Farès nude content and sex scenes at He is the guy that is always on Howard Stern telling you who will be naked and who has gotten naked and where exactly in the movie. I have to say, it is just a heck of a lot easier to get a membership to his site and watch the videos and see the pics than it is to go to and rent all of her movies. Plus, Mr Skin lets you download everything so you can watch it even if you cancel.

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