Miranda Kerr

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I saw this picture of Miranda Kerr from Female Celebrities and with Comic Con just having come to a close, it only seemed fitting to finish it off this a bang!

There is no doubt about it. Being skinny makes you look younger and keeps you looking younger for longer. It is hard to believe that Miranda Kerr is 26 years old in this picture! She looks like she is still in college!

Miranda has been a fashion icon all her life. As her celebrity has grown she has posed for various men’s magazines and for such fashion heavyweights (or make that lightweights) as Victoria’s Secret.

Though she has yet to pose nude in a professional manner, half of the stuff she wears on the runway are see thru. I am talking as thin as a material can get! Her tits are clearly visible in dozens of photos and you can even see what shape she has decided to shave her pussy hair into. That is, if she has decided to leave any on that day!

Lucy Clarkson : Nude Beach Photos

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If there is one thing I love of women from Europe it is that they don’t consider showing your tits to be a big deal. In the above nude beach photos of Lucy Clarkson she is letting it all hang out. Her bikini is so thin she might as well have taken it off too!

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Leelee Sobieski Pink Panties Upskirt Photo

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This victim of an upskirt sniper attack goes by the name Leelee Sobieski. When she isn’t giving pink panty upskirt photos a shot, Leelee is making movies and guest staring in TV shows like Drop Dead Diva.


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Virginie Gervais

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It really blows cock that American and Canadian porn actresses can’t do mainstream movies. The reason why is mainstream movie producers don’t want their underpaid, yet very needed younger actresses to make a little extra cash sucking cock on video. So why are the French and the Spanish actresses able to do both?

Virginie Gervais is a French hottie that is well known in the fashion world and just becoming somewhat known in the mainstream movies department. Everything was squeaky clean and nice until someone found an old porn movie she had made back when she was much younger!

But… Since she is French the mainstream producers are looking the other way and you can expect to see more of her scantly clad-hottiness in some upcoming big screen shows!

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Lindsey Lohan Going to Jail!

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Hard luck celebrity Lindsey Lohan has just run out of luck. Judge Marsha Revel is fed up and has had enough of what she said is, “Like someone who cheats but doesn’t think it’s cheating if they don’t get caught.”

For her missed court appearance during the Cannes Film Festival Lindsey Lohan will receive 90 days in jail. Lindsey claims it wasn’t her fault because she lost her passport during the festival and couldn’t travel back to the U.S. in order to make her court appearance. To bad for her the judge wasn’t having any of it!

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