Ashley Dupre Girls Gone Wild!

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Can I get a holy shit’ aaahhh? Can I get a Fuck me Jesus’ahhh?

Guess who just found out that Ashley Alexandra Dupre spent an entire week on their bus?

Fresh out of jail on fraudulent charges and Joe Francis is ready to hit the ground running!

For those of you who don’t know who Joe Francis is, he is the guy behind Girls Gone Wild.

It looks like the GGW people will be releasing an Ashley Dupre video here real soon. Ashley spent a full week on the Girls Gone Wild bus during her 18th birthday.

I have to say, I am super happy for this girl. She is going Paris Hilton status in no time! It is also rumored that Ashley Alexandra Dupre has been offered $1,000,000 for a photo spread and tour on the Girls Gone Wild web site. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope she goes for it!

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Ashley Alexandra Dupre

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So once again it happens. A girl has sex with someone, it comes out and now she is getting paid mad money. What is going on with the world today?

This time it is Ashley Alexandra Dupre. She had sex with Eliot Spitzer. He is/was currently the governor of New York and used to be the States Attorney General. What a sad ride for him and a great ride for her, huh?

What made Eliot think he could spend that kind of money on a hooker and not get caught? Why does a guy who stamped out prostitution rings, like the one he became embroiled in, get caught in one himself? Karma?

Early in the week Ashley Dupre couldn’t even make her rent. Now her songs Move ya Body and What We Want are both top selling songs on Both have hit the top price mark of 98 cents which means both have been selling like hot cakes. Amie Street charges for songs based on popularity. Industry insiders are saying she has sold over 1,000,000 copies of the songs!

So now Ashley is looking at a $600,000+ payday for her royalties on two crappy songs. If you haven’t heard them, they are like Nelly Furtado with music akin to the Beastie Boys, Licensed to Ill album. Who knows, perhaps with a decent producer she could make something at least as good as the Paris Hilton Stars song.

Currently the men’s magazine Hustler is in negotiations with Ashley Alexandra Durpe for a nude spread. They will reportedly pay her as much as 1 million dollars. Talk about getting paid! Penthouse, another men’s magazine wants to use Miss Dupre on their next cover. Yet another payday.

So… The true question is, how long can this last? Will Ashley become the next Paris Hilton or will the glamorous of society shun her? Paris was already a high profile celebrity being a Hotel Heiress. Without her sex tape, though, I very much doubt she could have gotten in to the most elite clubs like she does now.

Only time will tell!

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