Number One Porn Star Of 2013 Tasha Reign

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Number One Porn Star Of 2014 Tasha Reign

Q: When is it okay for you to allow your tongue to accidentally slide from a girls pussy cleft into her butthole?

A: It is okay to do this anytime the sexy porn star who’s ass you are licking is Tasha Reign. Her entire body is divine and cleared for licking.

The polls are in for voting on the hottest porn star of 2013 and the most frequent name at the top of the list is none other than Tasha Reign.

Tasha has a storied career that spans much more than porn. While in high school she worked on the MTV reality television series: Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Tasha, a.k.a. Rachel Swimmer, has also worked as a Hooters Girl and a professional stripper named Silver Reign.

While enrolled at UCLA Tasha was selected by Playboy magazine for its "Girls of the PAC-10" 2010 issue. Since them she has appeared in more issues of Playboy and in Penthouse magazine as well.

Along with starring in a number of porn films for which she has received numerous awards Tasha also writes for the alternative newspaper OC Weekly as a columnist covering the porn industry.

Tasha has a remarkable pussy. It is extremely smooth and very sexy. A perfect little cleft of Venus. I can see her filling the shoes of Jenna Jameson. I only hope that when she hits her thirties she doesn’t implode like Jenna did.

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Live Sex Cam Artist Does Impersonation Shows

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Uber cute cam model SloaneCam looks like Farrah Fawcett Meg Ryan live sex webcam look-a-like?

I haven’t seen anything like this before. This girl goes by the nickname SloaneCam at She does impressions of Hollywood starlets on her live sex cam show. Sometimes she does Farrah Fawcett and she also does a great Meg Ryan from Sleepless In Seattle. You know the scene, "Uhh, Uhh, Ohh yes. YES!! YES!!!" Haha

She also has more actresses she can do like Sally Fiends and that McCarthy chick that used to be on MTV.

You have to see her shows to believe them. Watching her as Farrah touching herself and talking about how she wants to fuck Clark is not only hilarious, it is sexy as well. You can tip her some cash to get her to scream out your name as she pleasures her pussy to orgasm.

Online Live Sex is a fun network with off the wall performers that are often a little over the top compared to how most cam girls run their shows. You will find them to be infectiously cute!

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Watch Every Elegant Angel DVD Without Restriction

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Watch Every Elegant Angel DVD Without Restriction

Anybody that has had a childhood knows that restriction sucks ass. You can’t go hanging with your friends. Everybody else is having fun while you are stuck in your room. Boy it is a good thing cell phones didn’t exist back then. Instead of adhearing to the terms of my restriction I would watch every Elegant Angel DVD online without a care in the world about what my friends are doing. Porn has a way of clearing your mind like that.

Are you feeling restricted in your life right now? Toss your cares away with some well endowed blondes, big booty Latinas and cute teeny boppers ready for the daily dose of facial oil sprung right from the tip of your cock. For as little as $8 a month you can watch every single Elegant Angel DVD.

You know you want to. You know you deserve this. Take what is yours!

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Alyssa Milano Free Celebrity Porn Movie

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When it comes to watching free porn movies you don’t expect to be watching one with celebrities like Alyssa Milano. But then here is this video of Alyssa Milano getting sexy in a movie. You can’t help but rape yourself as you watch her hot body ride up and down on this guy. Crazy seeing her all grown up. I have been jacking off to her since I was a boy and she was a girl.

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Will Another Kardashian Star In Free XXX Videos?

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Only time will tell if yet another Kardashian stars in a homemade sex tape. It does seem a bit premature to even speculate what will become of baby North West, but seriously, does anybody really think she has any chance of staying the good girl her mother never was?

There is that old saying, like father like son. The same goes for mothers and their daughters. It is why some communities are filled with generations of trailer trash families and others are filled with generations of upper class families. Even though Kim is technically upper class that doesn’t mean much anymore these days. Paris Hilton is also considered upper class, but that didn’t stop her from making a sex tape or flashing her tits with the owner of Girls Gone Wild.

If she ever does do a celebrity sex tape in all likelihood it will end up on the largest free XXX videos tube on the net. is a mixture of both amateur sex tapes and traditionally produced porn. A sweet mix if I do say so myself.

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Watch Live Free Celeb Porn Star Webcam Shows

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Watch free live celeb porn star webcam shows!

This isn’t just about the lovely Julia Ann and her upcoming live free celebrity porn star webcam show. It is about all of the girls you can see for free on the network. They have contracts with all of the hottest porn stars in the porn industry to do free live shows that are exclusive to their network.

That might sound a little selfish of them, but don’t get it wrong. There is nothing selfish about these guys. They are giving you 100% free access to the shows. That doesn’t mean she teases you incessantly and then makes you pay $400 for a private show either. You get the entire show for no cost to you. You don’t even have to login!

If free cam shows aren’t you think because you prefer something a little more in the flesh you can always find beautiful women that want to fuck no strings attached on You don’t need to waste your time with sites trying to find you a compatible partner matched on blah blah number of personal traits for marriage. You need a quick fuck and uLust can deliver that to you by the dozen!

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Ke$ha Butt Pics – Timber With Pitbull

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Ke$ha is trying to drum up some excitement for her new single, and tour, with Pitbull for the song Timber. As far as the song goes it would have been so much better without Pitbull. The funny thing is it is his song featuring Ke$ha, but in reality it is her singing it with him doing mostly backup.

As for those butt pics…

Ke$ha butt pics

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t kick this girl out of bed for eating crackers.

Ke$ha has been doing some serious workouts to tighten her ass up for their up coming concerts together.  Unfortunately their concert tour in Australia has been canceled. I guess the shela’s over there didn’t like having her hard ass coming to their town.

Here is another shot of her ass:


And the promo pic for the song Timber:


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Rihanna To Karrueche Tran and Back To Rihanna

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karrueche tran wearing a black bikini on the beach Rihanna in a green bikini at the beach

I swear celebrities are some of the stupidest people on the planet!

Take Chris Brown for instance. The idiot knocks out his super star celebrity girlfriend Rihanna and ends up getting busted by the justice system. So what does he do? Well, at first he starts off making a great decision to leave Rihanna alone and instead date a little cutie named Karrueche Tran.

He caught a lot of flack by dating this seemingly barely legal babe. While Tran might look barely legal she is well over the age of eighteen. Nonetheless Chris was chastised for appearing to rob the cradle with this girl.

Chris Brown off girlfriend Karrueche Tran -QAZlESVKz-l

I can kind of, soft of see why. I mean, she looks like she could be his daughter and the dude is only 24 years old himself!

Chris lost his man-card when he ended up breaking up with Miss Tran and hooking back up with the girl that has done nothing but ruin his life both personally and professionally.

Rihanna in Barbados wearing bikini with boob falling out

And even if Rihanna didn’t act like a bitch you can tell she is going to look like a skank by the time she is thirty. Which gives her another five years or so of looking moderately fuckable in a bathing suit.

Had he stayed with Karrueche he would be fucking a girl that looks barely legal long into her thirties, and quite possibly forties!

Oh well. He is an idiot. Good luck, Miss Tran. Chris probably did you a favor!

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When Celebrities Don’t Know They Fucked Up

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Getting a boob job isn’t as simple as looking up a plastic surgeon in the phonebook and whipping out a credit card. Then again, maybe it is. Looking at the grotesque tits on both Tori Spelling and Audrina Partridge and how they seem to want to display them at all times you have to wonder if they realize they fucked up their tits!?!?

This is a prime example of going to bad doctors for something that should be very important to both women. They are going to be seen internationally on TV and the Internet. Sites with nude celebrities like my own will make plenty of fun of their fuck ups. Mainly because both women are rich enough to go back and demand a better job be done!

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Selena Gomez – Vanessa Hudgens – Spring Breakers

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If these girls were Thai this could be any downtown street in Thailand with hookers on it. But no… these girls are from the movie Spring Breakers. And just like real spring breakers these girls look like hookers. Is it any wonder why date-rapes happen more often during spring break than any other time of the year?

Anyway, the girls all look smoking hot in this movie. That might be why it didn’t do well at the box office. Girls don’t want to bring boys to a movie where the girls are all wearing bikinis and looking hot. It is just how the world works. Guys don’t want to go to a movie like this because they will look like idiots. However, that isn’t stopping guys from watching it on Netflix with their dicks in their hands!

One country this film did do well in is France. Draw your own conclusions on that one.

You can skip all of the boring shit and go straight to the sex, chicks kissing, nipples slips, pokies and more with Mr. Skin. He doesn’t bore you with bullshit story scenes. He cuts out all of that crap and you end up with what amounts to a porno. Nice!

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Kim Kardashian Lookalike Myla Sinanaj Set To Release A Porn Sex Tape Through Vivid Video

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Myla Sinanaj porn

These days the line between what is porn and what isn’t porn is quickly diminishing. When Kim Kardashian released her sex tape with Ray J a lot of people seemed to forget the backlash that Paris Hilton had to endure and gave her instant celerity status. Woo-who for her family. Now they are all celebs!

After leaving Ray J he went on to get with Joanna "Cocktail" Hernandez who is nice and thick on the backside like Kim is. But Ray J wasn’t the only person to date, or marry, Kim and then move on to somebody with a thick rump. It seems Kim’s ex-husband Kris Humphries couldn’t get enough of the junk in the truck after his split with Kim so he started dating a Kim Kardashian lookalike named Myla Sinanaj.

Just like Kim you can see a huge backside and some nice titties on this new girl. One big difference between the two is that Kim made her tape for her private collection. The Myla Sinanaj porn tape will be a full Vivid production video. Meaning it is well lit and shot in full HD 1080p. So you won’t have to deal with shitty, grainy footage like a true sex tape would have.

This is set to be a sweet video for guys into ladies with a juicy fat ass. You can get unlimited access to the entire Vivid porn collection including the celebrity sex tapes right now. No need to wait for Myla’s video to be released when your cock is hard and ready to blow!

Kim Kardashian? Myla Sinanaj? No!

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Anissa Kate in Big Tits 2 for Elegant Angel

Boy, with the Myla Sinanaj sex tape making its rounds and her resemblance to Kim Kardashian it seems like everybody is wondering who else looks like Kim. Now it seems Anissa Kate is making the rounds as her latest lookalike. She has huge tits, a shapely ass and some dick sucking lips. Personally I think she is hotter than Kim!

Starting at just $8 per month you can enjoy all of the girls in the Elegant Angel catalog of DVD’s. This is all possible with a subscription to and a set top box like the Roku or Apple TV. Stream your porn right to your HDTV and create porno libraries of your favorite titles.

With the unlimited XXX studios option you are able to expand your library by the thousands with unlimited viewing. Stop paying by the minute when you can get unlimited access!

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Amber Lynn Live Sex Show

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Watch Amber Lynn's live sex cam show

I have been a huge fan of Amber Lynn ever since I saw her for my first time in an issue of Penthouse magazine. It is crazy to think that she has been doing porn for thirty years!

Along with watching with buxom blonde bombshell in porn movies I have seen her performing in dance clubs across the nation. When ever I have to visit family or friends somewhere in the US or Canada I try to match up the departure with her schedule. Little do the people I am staying with no what I am really up to. Haha!

Webcams are a great way to enjoy live sex shows by your favorite porn stars. It sure beats flying across the country. With Cam Tub you can save money and see the entire show for as little as five bucks. Now you have no excuse. Get in here!

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Gwyneth Paltrow In Sexy Lingerie

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Well it looks like Gwyneth Paltrow is still turning heads at age 40 with her lingerie scene from the soon to be released movie Thanks For Sharing. The movie fallows various cast members as they try to deal with their sexual addictions. With a hot babe like Gwyneth waiting at home who can blame anyone for not wanting to bang her?


You can find more hot scenes like this Gwyneth Paltrow in lingerie clip on Mr Skin. He sifts through all of the boring parts and cuts out the hot scenes for you. All you have to do is enter the stars name and he will serve you up body on a platter.


The next time you are looking for real sex scenes or just sex scenes make sure you use Nobody else has the sheer number or the quality of Hollywood starlets with their tops off.

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One Cute Redhead Compilation Of A Hottie

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Imagine if you could take Ann-Margret, Nicole Kidman, and Amy Adams into one cute body and especially cute face. That is what Natalia E reminds me of here. A compilation of every redhead I like in Hollywood. Plus there is the fact that her hair is wet and her tits are perkier than any I have ever seen in Hollywood or otherwise.

Natalia E also goes as Lily C on some sites. Check out her Natalia E Femjoy galleries if you want to see what I mean. Just know that you are not seeing double.

You might be able to find even more of this hottie on Photodromm. It is the most awesome babe site with a strange name. I don’t know what they were thinking when they picked it, but the girls are out of this world cute. Definitely a bookmark worth site.

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