Lindsey Lohan Sex Tape

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I was working my way around the web and stopped on a site called Fuck My Mommy and Me and thought it was worth reviewing. Why would I review a hardcore porn site on a celebrity blog? Well, because it frequently adds celebrity sex tape parodies.

Yes, that means these tapes don’t really exist. But if they did?!?!

Who is their right mind wouldn’t want to experience a blowjob from Lindsey Lohan and her big tits mommy? Better yet, how about getting one from the almost-VP herself, Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol?

Until a real Lindsey Lohan Sex Tape comes out we can always dream and the best place to do that at is Fuck My Mommy and Me. Next up, Paris Hilton gets her mommy to blow cock on camera. Stay tooned because after that it is Britney Spears turn!

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Christina Aguilera

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For me Christina Aguilera has always been a bit of an enigma. While she also grew up early as a childhood actor in the Mickey Mouse Club, she managed to be sexy without being a complete slut like other MMC pal Britney Spears. I don’t think Britney ever made photos like the one above and yet somehow Christina is still less sluty!

Before making it to the MMC Christina Aguilera first appeared on Star Search. She went on to become one of America’s top female celebrities. Her singing ability mixed with her beauty are sure to remind older men of girls they knew from as far back as WWII. Perhaps that is why she is such an enigma? She is like a time capsule of beauty from long ago.

Christina is currently shooting a musical film called Burlesque which is sure to feature her scantily clad body. At Mr Skin you can see Christina Aguilera wearing nothing-much right now. He has clips and pics of all of your favorite nude celebs in an easy to navigate catalog of goodies!

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