Susan Lucci

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So I am looking at the search logs and I notice Susan Lucci’s name in there. Then I am like, who is this bitch? As it would happen I asked this out loud, not in my head… My girlfriend calls out that she is Erica Kane from All My Children. Which only begs another  question… Who?

So… I look this bitch up and it turns out she is a pretty hot MILF. Though, when I look at the picture above I can hear Stewie from Family Guy in my head saying, "Yessss, skip another meal, fatty!"

Nothing like a sternum to make your cock go way hard!

Anyway… Mr Skin has plenty of Susan Lucci showing skin in movies. He finds all of the naughty parts so you don’t have to spend countless hours fast forwarding and rewinding all of the time.

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Christina Aguilera – Upskirt

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Well here you go, not to be outdone by that Britney Spears chick, Christina Aguilera decides to show us a little celebrity upskirt pussy.

I for one will not complain, I am just waiting for Christina Aguilera to one up her on the sex tape now, but that is probably not likely to happen yet since their careers have gone in opposite directions.   Christina when you are desperate and ready I am here for you baby.

Mr. Skin–Clemence Poesy

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Anyone remember this part of Harry Potter, Clemence Poesy in a bathing suit.  How many of you perved to this picture, well if you go to Mr. skin there are some real pictures for you to perv to.


Now isn’t this a better picture for you to enjoy personal alone time to, you don’t have to feel like a pervert when looking at this picture.  Thanks to Mr. Skin you get a better look at Clemence Poesy and she is surrounded by a bunch of little kids, 

Mr. Skin–Scarlett Johansson

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I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for this for a while.  Scarlett Johansson has teased us several times on the big screen, but Mr. Skin went above and beyond for these captures.


I applaud Mr. Skin at 46 minutes and 40 seconds after the 11th hour, if you do not understand that reference then you definitely need to go check out Mr. Skin today.  If you d understand that reference what the hell are you waiting for, join Mr. Skin now.  Scarlett Johansson’s ass and boobs are waiting.

Emily Browning

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Boy, oh boy, it is like Sixteen Candles all over again! This is why actors get into acting. You can cop a feel of all kinds of tits from big Dolly Parton titties to itty bitty titties like those on Emily Browning!

Emily has been making movies for 15 years now. In Sleeping Beauty above she is 21 years old, but in many of her earlier movies like The Uninvited (below) she is barely legal. So barely legal in fact that she is wearing a training bra in the movie!


Talk about a movie made for perverts! It also has a lot of scenes with her and a supposed teen sister in bikinis. Fucking fap material!

Her latest movie is called Sucker Punch. In it she plays a cartoon looking heroine. She completely changes up her look and I have to say, she is fucking hot in that movie!


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