Mr Skin Mimi Rogers

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Damn Mimi Rogers has some nice tits!

Mr Skin is the premier celebrity porn site and in this update he features huge tits, a perfect ass and plenty enough hot oil to get everything well lubricated.

For those of you that are older you will remember Mimi Rogers as an ex-wife of Tom Cruise. For those of you that are younger and part of the poker generation you will remember Mimi Rogers as a celebrity player on the World Poker Tour and on Hollywood Poker.

No matter how you know Mimi Rogers it is time to get to know her even better at Mr Skin!

Female Celbrites – Jessica Biel

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If you haven’t heard of Jessica Biel you have to have been living in a cave or dead, day is not even a factor in this one.  Meaning even gay guys love Female Celebrities like Jessica Biel.

This is one of the sexiest women on the planet, and if you don’t think so then you are a fucking Alien from outer space who only loves space monkeys.  Jessica Biel is one of the very few Female Celebrities that can be transformed into any arena and just be sexy.  Nerdy, she is sexy, Business Woman, she is sexy, Daddy’s little rich girl, she is sexy.  Need I say more, just go check her out, she is sexy.

Female Celebrities – Jamie Pressly

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So this is what happened to Jamie Pressley after My Name is Earl?  I have never seen such a beautiful Female Celebrities fall into such ambiguity. 

I admit she is no oscar winner, but she does a descent job when she performs, plus she is smokin hot and will show us her nude body.  The majority of Female Celebrities wait until they are older or out of the lime light to do this, a way of making the valid again.  Jamie Pressley did it early in her career and this was her downfall, but our good grace.  Doing it so early in her career made it that she would never be taken seriously and would only garner more roles like Poisin Ivy 3 where she has to get naked.  I for one am not complaining.

Banned Teen Celebs – Denise Richards

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Just to keep in line with the Charlie Sheen theme, and believe me I am just like everyone else I enjoy the train wreck that is Charlie Sheen.  The biggest fault in most people’s belief is that he just lost his mind.  Seriously, look at that picture of Denise Richards.  Getting to tap that and then no longer getting to tap that would make anybody go crazy.

Plus Denise Richards is a little loopy herself, did anybody see that reality show I watched it.  So everybody join me in thanking and blaming Denise Richards for the rise in my pants, and the fall of Charlie Sheen.  I for one would be willing to risk lunacy to get some of that pussy.

Bree Olson – Charlie Sheen Porn Star Goddess

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Porn star Bree Olson gets her ass rammed! Bree Olson has a huge cock stuffed down her throat

Born Rachel Marie Oberlin, Bree Olson has been in the adult industry for five glorious years. She started at the tender age of 20 years old and has since appeared in over 170 adult movies.

Now that Bree Olson is shacking up with Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen, Bree has stated that she has retired from adult acting. Then again, she also has stated that she hasn’t quite retired, so to speak, and is merely on an acting hiatus.

Have no fear, has all of her best scenes in one location and gets you access to her co-stars as well! With one password you can watch this porn star vegan stay true to her beliefs by swallowing naturally grown sperm from several male porn star’s nut sacks!

Finally, a porn star goddess that has a chance to go mainstream or pull Charlie into her industry… Hey, a guys gotta work!

Alexandra Wallace Racist UCLA Student

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You can pump a lot of hot blonde genes into a hot blonde woman and pop out a hot blonde girl, but you can’t pop a bunch of smart blonde genes because, one, they don’t exist, and two, apparently it wouldn’t make one lick of difference.

Alexandra Wallace thought she was just making a funny video for a few friends, but now she is known world wide as the video ended up going viral. Her racist remarks towards the Asian students at her school are sure to overshadow her beauty.

Before she was such a shithead, Alexandra Wallace was actually quite cute. She did some modeling for bikini retailers and it was beginning to look like her career could go either way… Now no right-minded modeling company will touch her and the jury is out on whether or not UCLA will give her the boot!

If she does get expelled, she can always become a porn star. I know I will be wasting some man juice over her dreamy body tonight!

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Mr Skin – Mila Kumis

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Who doesn’t remember this little minx from the that 70’s show, Mila Kunis is one of the hottest TV teen chicks that I want to bang.  Damn that Ashton Kutcher, but love that Mr. Skin.

Well I am trying to figure out where the hell I have been, did everyone else in the world know that there are boobie pics of Mila Kunis on the net?  I sure the hell didn’t know, Boot Camp, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  One I never heard of and the other was a gay chick flick.  Well call me a gay chick flick lover because I will be watching both of these flicks this weekend.  Again thanks to Mr. Skin I know what I will be doing this weekend.

See you there.

Kendra Wilkinson – Sex Tape

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Before the boob job, before meeting Hef, before marrying a football player, Little miss Kendra Wilkinson was getting bounced around in a hotel.  This dude ain’t shit, he had to have been her favorite customer when she was a stripper, I can’t believe she let herself be filmed by a dude that looks like that.

Famous or no, a dude that looks like this little fucker with Kendra Wilkinson is going to show people.  First it would have been to prove that he gets laid and is not a complete loser.  Then when she became famous, it was a matter of how much.  How much would she give not to release compared to the major porn companies and how much they would give.

We all know who won that bidding war, so thanks to this weird little dude we get to watch Kendra Wilkinson suck and fuck like a champ.

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Mr. Skin–Eva Mendes

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One of the things I love about Eva Mendes, not just that she is smokin hot.  But Eva Mendes is one of the few recognizable actresses that is willing to show us all of her goods while she is still young enough where we want to see all of her goods.  Thank you to Mr. Skin who is there for us, to tell us up to the second where to go in the video for your spanking pleasure.

For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Skin are either dead or lying, he is the biggest demented perv in the world.  Go ahead feel better about yourself, he not only watching just about every movie imaginable be he records up to the second information as to when you can see tits, breast, bush, etc.

So if you are like me and would like to have Eva Mendes heart shape ass at your disposal, go join Mr. Skin today you little pervert, but you can now take solace in that fact because you pale in comparison to Mr. Skin in the pervertediness department.

Kat Von D – Cheating on Jessie James?

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Hey, you know what they say… What goes around, comes around. And karma can make you anybody’s bitch!

But don’t fret, that isn’t really Kat VOn D getting fucked in those videos. Just some hot babe that looks a lot like her. I guess you could say all of the ladies at Celebrity Mixup have the same problem. They all get mistaken for well-known celebrities!

This Kat Von D look-a-like doesn’t worry too much about it though… She’d never get this much cock on her own and she is often so well mistaken that she even gets to fuck other celebrities!

Charlie Sheen and Kacey Jordan Threesome!

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Some might be wondering what has gotten into Charlie Sheen lately, with all of these porn star sightings and all. I for one see exactly what he is getting himself into. That is because I have a Porn Pros password!

With one password you can access all of the hot Kacey Jordan content in one location. Teen BFF has her in a POV romp with fellow actress Zoey and you have to wonder… is that Charlie Sheen?

Along with plenty of threesomes featuring Kacey Jordan on Teen BFF, the Porn Pros also have her going one on one at sites like 18 Years Old and Jurassic Cock!

Stop wondering what Charlie is getting into and get into a little of it yourself!

Anne Hathaway – Havoc

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You’ve seen Anne Hathaway fully clothed in such movies as The Princess Diaries, Get Smart and Alice in Wonderland. You might not have seen her in less known, but plenty enjoyable movies like Havoc where she shows off her nipples, her boobs, her panties and has some very heated sex scenes!

At Banned Celebs they do all of the leg work so you can focus on the handy work. If ya know what I mean… and I know you do!

With one password you can access several nude celebs sites and also a huge network of hardcore porn!

They call it the Mega Porn Access pass and it unlocks a whirlwind of pornography! You might want to spring for that 1 terabyte external drive with all of the downloading you have to do here!

Dianna Argon Nude Pics

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Dianna Argon, you dirty little slut! I knew you’d be such a slut the minute I read your name. Who uses two n’s in Dianna, but a dirty little slut like you?

You can see Dianna Argon naked at Dirty Teen Celebrities. They bring the celebrity nipple slips, the celebrity upskirts and the celebrity sex tapes to you in one easy location. No more surfing the net for hours on end looking for the juicy tidbits scattered all over the place. No, it is time for you to make wifey-boo proud by spending less time looking for freebies!

Along with Dirty Teen Celebrities you get the Famous MILF and more! Loads more! So stop clickity-clicking all over kingdom come and start enjoying all of your favorite nude celebs at Dirty Teen Celebrities!

Jamie Lynn Spears Nude!

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First there was Britney Spears. She was a little sweetheart and fulfilled that schoolgirl crush-fantasy common to most men. Then came her sister Jamie Lynn Spears and she was obviously a little slut since she got pregnant at 17 with her boyfriend.

Mommy and Daddies little ray of sunshine, their second hope, turned out to be an even bigger sex fiend than their first born was!!!

While no naked photos have surfaced of Jamie Lynn Spears you can always dream a little dream at Fake Fantasy! They create the photos you have always dreamed of seeing. Teenage celebs naked and waiting for you to give them a pearl necklace!

With a Fake Fantasy membership you also get access to the real celebrity nudes as well. Wall-to-wall sex tapes, nipple slips, red carpet camel toes and so much more!

Natalie Portman in Black Swan

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You don’t even have to be a fan of Natalie Portman to like her new movie Black Swan. You just have to like hot chicks, lesbian erotica and watching a hottie masturbate also helps!

I saw a prescreening of the movie so I am not really sure how much was left in, but from what I saw, this movie is the kind you can both bring a girlfriend to or watch alone (for the "thriller" aspects of it) without looking like a total creep.

The movie is about a young ballet dancer played by Natalie Portman and her struggle to become a headlining star. It features her masturbating for the first time, loving an older man and getting it on with her main competition, Mila Kunis. They swap spit and Mila goes down on Natalie until she orgasms!

Fucking awesome!


You can see it all unfold at Mr Skin. He watches all of the boring parts and then edits them out so all you have is the sexy stuff! You can even download it all to your own hard drive and he has every movie ever made, featuring every star you ever wanted to see naked or sexy!

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