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megan_fox_sexy Megan Fox
attends Comic-Con 2009 at the San Diego Convention center
San Diego, California - 24.07.09
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Megan Fox showing some tongue at Comic Con!
megan_fox_boobs megan_fox_skinny_dipping

My old grand-pappy used to have a saying that if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it’s a duck. So shoot it! When it comes to Dirty Teen Celebrities like Megan Fox similar rules apply. If she walks like a slut and she performs like a slut, she’s a slut. So shoot rolls of film with her!

megan-fox_nude megan-fox_naked nude_megan_fox

Crazy shit happens when you make someone into a star. Megan Fox got her big break with Transformers and by the time the third installment came around she had enough of it. She wanted out and called the director Hitler. Well, she got what she wanted. They booted her ass!

Now she is going to have to shake that pretty little ass of hers in a desperate attempt at getting more staring roles. Who wants to work with a diva? Nobody in Hollywood!

In the porn industry we love divas and we’d love to have Megan Fox do some naughty photos. Until then, you can enjoy some nude Megan Fox pics at Dirty Teen Celebrities. They don’t wait for chicks to get naked. Not when they can just Photoshop their head onto someone else!

Some of the naked Megan Fox photos don’t look very good. But others look like pure celebrity spanking gold! Dead on fap-bait! The kind of stuff celebrity fantasies are made of!

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