MrSkin Vanity

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MrSkin Vanity

Denise Smith or better know as Vanity is a Canadian native. She was born on January 4, 1959 in Niagra Falls, Ontario.

You know what they say once you black you never go back. Vanity’s silky black hair, firm round breast, and dark chocolate body will make your mouth drop. You’ll be salavating like a dog.

Not only did Vanity share her beauty with the world through modeling she is a singer, musician and actress. You can’t ask for better qualities in a woman. In the 1980’s Vanity was a nation wide sex symbol. Vanity was the front woman in a sex filled girls group called Vanity 6. This sexy naught girl has every reason to be proud of herself. She was christened by The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

If you enjoy the taste of chocolate then you’ll love Vanity. When you look into her eyes her sexiness becomes overwhelming and you find yourself sitting in your chair aroused by this lushious woman. Vanity isn’t afraid to share her chocolate body with the world.You can see her nude in multiple movies. If you want to enjoy a shower scence where she caresses her body with soap, her wet hair falls down her back and water trickles down her body then you need to check out her film Action Jackson on This action / comedy is a great movie for viewing what Vanity has to offer. Watch as she undresses for a fellow actor and exposes her breast for the worlds enjoyment. If you’re not so much a fan of the shower but prefere a bath then see her in The Best Of Sex and Violence. In this documentary watch as Vanity’s erotic bath scene will make you drop your pants and jack off to the sight of a silky chocolate body. Not only is there plenty of nudity in this film but stripping scenes as well.

If you are more into naught, slutty girls then head on over to and watch Vanity strip for Roy Schneider in a jerk-room in the movie 52 Pick-Up. Watch as he takes photos of her breats bouncing up and down as she flaunts her body back and forth in front of him.

Looking for a hot, sweatty, sex scene then go to and watch Vanity rub sweaty bodies with sex symbol John Stamos in Never Too Young To Die. Picture yourself as John Stamos and imagine what it would be like to fuck Vanity!!!

In the documentary Famous T&A you can also view Vanity’s bare butt and firm breast. Go to and not only see clips of Vanity but there are clips of other sexy women in this film. Don’t waste your time watching the whole documentary when you go click on and skip to the nude clips that will turn your dick from limp to pimp in seconds.

If you want to see more of Vanity now then wait until you hear about her film Tanya’s Island. This film is filled with romance, fantasy and drama. You couldn’t ask for more nudity of Vanity than in this film. Watch as Vanity rolls around the sand showing off her delicious breasts. See Vanity nude with a great shot of breast and bush as she changes from one outfit to another. If you fantasize about women walking out of the ocean with their breast all wet swaying back and worth, and their pussy all shinny and exposed then this is the movie for you. If you think your dick is already hard then just wait. Remember back to the Baywatch days when those sexy lifeguards would run across the beach? With that in mind watch as Vanity has multiple scenes where she runs across the Island pantiless and braless with only a small dress on. As she runs the dress lifts up and you get multiple shots of her pussy, breasts, and ass.

So head on over to MrSmith and let Vanity fulfill your every fantasy. Remember once you go black you never go back. So watch clips of a beautiful, sexy chocolate woman and let her make cum stream from your dick.


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