MrSkin Pink

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MrSkin Pink

Alecia Moore better know as Pink to you and everyone else around the world. Pink Was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sept 8, 1979.

Alecia Moore who is beter know for flourescent colored hair, which is how she recieved the name Pink. This hot and sexy singer is know more for her sex appeal then for her pop songs she sings.

Pink broke out in 2000 and instantly became a staple on MTV with her first video Just Like a Pill. Eventhough Pink has not stared in any movies, she has shown so much skin in her videos that it is only fitting that has some of her videos like the very sexy Lady Marmalade and her latest Stupid Girls.

Infact the only video that seems to have a clip of a naked Pink is her Live in Europe dvd. In this dvd Pink decides to peirce her right nipple post-show while her mom and everyone at home watches and has all of it. Now that is some sexy shit right there, any girl that is willing to do something like that infront of millions of people is definetly a girl that I would fuck but not take home to meet mom and dad.

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