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MrSkin Lolana

Lolana is a sexy black woman born and raised in the good old USA. Her tight body, long brown hair, dark chocolate skin, and lushes breasts will make you want more of her.

Lolana isn’t a well known actress but in one particular horror film Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood she leaves you with memories of her that will have you jacking off for hours. Not only do you get to see her naked in Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood but you get to see her in girl on girl action. In this horror film Lolana plays the role of a sexy l esbian vampire.

Do you enjoy three ways and girl on girl action? If so then head on over to and see clips of Lolana naked engaging in sex acts with multiple women. Watch as lesbians fulfill every mans fantasy. During these three ways Lolana is completely nude and gives you the full effect of sex between different women. As you watch Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood Lolana does not leave anything to the imagination. Her lushes breast, tight body and juicy pussy are exposed for your enjoyment. If you yourself are a lesbian or a guy who gets off on lesbians then Lolana’s sex scenes will make you want to play with yourself. You’ll watch her chocolate body rub against other women, and her breast press against other women’s breast as you take your hand and begin to explore yourself making yourself reach a high point of self fulfillment.

The horror film itself sucks but the nudity and sex are great. So don’t waste your time watching the whole movie. Log on to Mr and just see the clips you want. Watch as women satisfy each other in multiple scenes. On you can watch each clip over and over again. Watch as Lolana and her costars make pre cum come from your dick and make your hand bring you satisfaction!!




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