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MrSkin in Florida

I was going through my pics of the Miami Florida Adult Webmasters Conference and came across this one. I don’t think there could ever be a better advertisement for than this picture right here!

The folks at MrSkin are leaders in finding out when chicks get nude or just incredibly sexy on the big screen. There are literally over 10,000 actresses in their database and the vast majority are naked! As Howard Dean would say, "YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAWWW!"

That is a good way to sum up this site. There is a shitload of FAKE celebrity porn all over the Internet and it really pisses me off. Half of the shit looks so fake it almost appears more Frankinsteinish than it does porn. Chicks with heads or boobs sewn on… You get the idea.

At Mr Skin they find the REAL celebrity nudes and then index the shit for you. No more going to the video store to rent a movie and then fast forwarding to the good shit. has it all in clips indexed by film titles, TV show names, actress names, etc… If you want the real deal, MrSkin is the ONLY WAY TO GO!

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