Lucy Pinder

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Ever been to heaven? Lucy Pinder can take you there. She unleashed her huge boobs at a beach and left a photographer so flabbergasted he signed her to a UK tabloids deal on the spot!

Check out her huge tits as she inducts her boyfriend into huge tits heaven!


When you are this fucking hot and stacked, there isn’t anything wrong with teasing a little before smothering a guy in those luscious pillows of love!


Queue the Austin Power’s "Yeah! Baby!!!"

Right about now this guy is thinking, "Hmm, is she really going to let me fuck her fun-bags? Is she doing this to be a bitch or to make sure I can perform when the time comes?"

I’ll tell you what there, bloke. If you can’t do it, I know a line of guys that can!


Time to slide those bathing suit bottoms over and let old Herman do his thing in her honeypot. Imagine her riding you with those bags of goodies in your face. Oh the humanity!


While Lucy Pinder is thick, she is a good thick. Something my friends and I like to call "chunky". A lot of curve and a lot of things to grab on to!

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