Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

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One of the most often searched for nude celebrities is Kendra Wilkinson. It isn’t hard to understand why that is. I mean, she is America’s sweetheart and she actually is a sweetheart. She has come from rags to riches. A true Cinderella story!

As it turns out, Kendra does have a salacious side! She loves to have sex (who doesn’t?) and she loves to video tape herself doing it! When it came out that some of her tapes were stolen she didn’t sit back and let somebody else make money off of her, she fought back!

No, she didn’t go to court to have the tapes suppressed, instead, Kendra teamed up with Vivid Entertainment to release the videos herself! Get your own copy of the tape at and watch as America’s sweetheart gets raw and nasty in bed!

The Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape.

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