Paris Hilton : Busted for Cocaine Possession?

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Oops, she did it again… No, not Britney this time, Paris HIlton! The stupid Hotel Heiress has managed to get herself into trouble once again. You know, if she were anybody else, she’d be doing a couple of years in prison right now?

So what’d Princess Can Do No Wrong do, not so right, this time? She got busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas! Again, if you or I got busted with any amount of drugs in Vegas we’d be going directly to jail. Nevada doesn’t fuck around with drug possession. You get caught, you do time. Only time will tell if this crazy bitch gets off once again.

Now lets look at that photo above. Does this bitch enjoy flashing what little tit she has? She seems to expose them and her shaved, little beaver every chance she gets! And those sunglasses…  What the fuck? Why do you want to look like my great aunt when you aren’t even 30 yet?

Anyway… Go check out the Paris Hilton sex tape if you haven’t already. If there is one thing this girl can do right it is give a blowjob like only a true hotel heiress can!

Heidi Montag

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So there is this saying… Those who live by the sword, die by the sword… As it turns out Heidi Montag decided to go under the knife to get a lot of work done. She got her ears pinned, her chin shaved down and… yeah… Her tits got a little bit bigger!

Now it seems this Hills brat has decided they are too big! Heidi Montag is complaining that she can no longer do simple things with these G cup tits like hug her dogs or even her dumbass loser of an ex-husband Spencer Pratt.

This dumb bitch just keeps making mistakes! I wonder if taking her tits out will end up being one of them?!?!

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Nude Celebs : Jojo Levesque

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Now some would say that the nude Jojo Levesque photos in the gallery above are in bad taste. Obviously they were photochopped and she never posed for them… Well, nude anyway. But can’t a boy dream?!?!

He sure can! At Dirty Teen Celebrities they have all of the hottest stars both in and out of clothes. Niches range from their camel toe shots in pants and bikinis to real topless photos from nude beaches in South Africa and France to, fake photos like the one above… Which I have to say… It does look pretty damn good!

So dream a little dream of Jojo with your newly acquired nude Jojo Levesque photos and do it for only a buck!

Miranda Kerr

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I saw this picture of Miranda Kerr from Female Celebrities and with Comic Con just having come to a close, it only seemed fitting to finish it off this a bang!

There is no doubt about it. Being skinny makes you look younger and keeps you looking younger for longer. It is hard to believe that Miranda Kerr is 26 years old in this picture! She looks like she is still in college!

Miranda has been a fashion icon all her life. As her celebrity has grown she has posed for various men’s magazines and for such fashion heavyweights (or make that lightweights) as Victoria’s Secret.

Though she has yet to pose nude in a professional manner, half of the stuff she wears on the runway are see thru. I am talking as thin as a material can get! Her tits are clearly visible in dozens of photos and you can even see what shape she has decided to shave her pussy hair into. That is, if she has decided to leave any on that day!

Lucy Clarkson : Nude Beach Photos

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If there is one thing I love of women from Europe it is that they don’t consider showing your tits to be a big deal. In the above nude beach photos of Lucy Clarkson she is letting it all hang out. Her bikini is so thin she might as well have taken it off too!

When American starlets go to Europe they get caught up in the whole show your tits thing and you end up seeing some great breasts you otherwise wouldn’t normally get to see. At Dirty Teen Celebrities they collect all of these photos and videos for you. That way you can focus on the girls instead of wasting hours just trying to find one good photo!

Members of Dirty Teen Celebrities also get access to their other sites in other nude celebs niches like Famous MILF and more!

Leelee Sobieski Pink Panties Upskirt Photo

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This victim of an upskirt sniper attack goes by the name Leelee Sobieski. When she isn’t giving pink panty upskirt photos a shot, Leelee is making movies and guest staring in TV shows like Drop Dead Diva.


You can check out her massive camel toe in The Glass House and don’t forget, this young hottie gets naked in a couple of movies! You can watch the clips at Mr Skin!

Virginie Gervais

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It really blows cock that American and Canadian porn actresses can’t do mainstream movies. The reason why is mainstream movie producers don’t want their underpaid, yet very needed younger actresses to make a little extra cash sucking cock on video. So why are the French and the Spanish actresses able to do both?

Virginie Gervais is a French hottie that is well known in the fashion world and just becoming somewhat known in the mainstream movies department. Everything was squeaky clean and nice until someone found an old porn movie she had made back when she was much younger!

But… Since she is French the mainstream producers are looking the other way and you can expect to see more of her scantly clad-hottiness in some upcoming big screen shows!

Personally I prefer to see my stars naked so I go to Banned Celebs for all of my celebrity sex tapes needs!

Lindsey Lohan Going to Jail!

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Hard luck celebrity Lindsey Lohan has just run out of luck. Judge Marsha Revel is fed up and has had enough of what she said is, “Like someone who cheats but doesn’t think it’s cheating if they don’t get caught.”

For her missed court appearance during the Cannes Film Festival Lindsey Lohan will receive 90 days in jail. Lindsey claims it wasn’t her fault because she lost her passport during the festival and couldn’t travel back to the U.S. in order to make her court appearance. To bad for her the judge wasn’t having any of it!

Dirty Teen Celebrities finds all of the spicy photos of your favorite young celebs and posts them for all to see. When a girl like Lindsey isn’t showing her shaved beaver or allowing a nipple slip to occur, they go ahead and make some photochops up!

Don’t worry though… At Dirty Teen Celebrities they have plenty of pics of Lindsey Lohan naked since she loves to flash her shaved beaver!

Mackenzie Rosman – Ruthie Camden

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You probably grew up with Ruthie Camden and you probably didn’t imagine her as a woman. Well, she is twenty years old now and like most coeds she has made a few poor choices about taking her picture and sending it to that special guy.

That special guy sent it to a buddy who sent it to someone else and the next thing you know, Mackenzie Rosman is now on Dirty Teen Celebrities!


There are dozens of pics of this coed cutie. Mackenzie has really developed since her time on the show. You can catch her on The Secret Life of the American Teenager as the character Zoe.

Nothing compares to the racy photos at Dirty Teen Celebrities though. They even have her naked!

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Penelope Cruz

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IF, and that is a mighty big if, Penelope Cruz were to star in a nude vampire movie I am sure this is exactly how she would look. Since that isn’t going to happen we can always enjoy the handy work of the guys and gals at Mr Skin.

While other sites are showing you nipple slips and skimpy bikini pics, Mr Skin is taking it all off. Sure, they also have those legit pics incase you are into very softcore stuff, but their bread and butter is the hardcore stuff. The stuff a real Penelope Cruz would never do. Stupid, bitch!

You can join Mr Skin for only $9.95 for a full month!

Stana Katic

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My guess is that Stana Katic never got the memo. Which one you ask? The one that says you change your name when you get into acting. No problems though… It doesn’t seem to have effected her star power.

Before this Canadian born actress became famous at Detective Kate Beckett in Castle, she was not so famous in a string of B-movies. In the one above she has some sexy lesbian sex.

Mr Skin has been nice enough to aggregate all of the clips and pics from movies where female stars take it all off. There is no better place to find legitimate nude celebs!

Jennifer Aniston – Skimpy Pink Bikini

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Jennifer Aniston is seen sporting a skimpy pink bikini during a  movie shoot in Hawaii.  The 41 year old actress shows that she isn’t afraid to show a little extra skin!

Jennifer Aniston in Hawaii

Many are wondering how much of her scene will show up in the movie and whether or not they will airbrush Jennifer Aniston’s hard nipples out of the scene.

Filiming Just Go With It - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston in a pink bikini.


It’s not the same Jennifer Aniston’s ass you saw in her movie with Vince Vaughn, The Breakup, but then her co-star isn’t exactly in the best shape either.


Brooklyn Decker with a thicker booty (and juicier tits) then we are used to!

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Kendra Wilkinson Nude

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kendra-wilkinson-nude kendra_wilkinson kendra_wilkenson_nude

For almost a decade Babylon X has been bringing you the hottest stars in the least amount of clothing. Nobody can match their dedication to bringing you nude celebs like Kendra Wilkinson Nude above!

Kendra Wilkinson Nude photos appeared when she went to get fitted for her wedding dress. Her perfect tits are why Hue Hefner had to have her as a girlfriend. They are also why Hank Baskett had to have her as a wife!

Now those same huge tits are why her baby had to have Kendra Wilkinson as a mom!

Make yourself one of Kendra Wilkinson’s boys by grabbing a Babylon X password for only a buck. Nobody else brings you Kendra Wilkinson Nude like they do!

Kim Kardashian – Sex Tape

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Thank you Vivid Video for being at the forefront of delivering the best nude celeb sex tapes around.  Are you frickin kidding me, Kim Kardashian sucking cock and getting fucked. 

Kim Kardashian has a beautiful pussy, tits, lips both upper and lower.  Now it is time for the rest of the sisters to pony up, once it becomes available you can be sure Vivid Video will have it for you.

If you join Vivid Video you aren’t just limited to Kim Kardashian, you also get ex playboy playmate Shauna Sand and former Miss USA Kelli McCarty.  You also gain access to the Vivid Girls, oh boy you would be disappointed.

Heidi Montag – Pratt

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19361, LOS CABOS, MEXICO - Wednesday January 9 2008. **EXCLUSIVE** **EXCLUSIVE** Despite calling off their engagement, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt get the New Year off to a good start with a relaxing break in Mexico. The couple, who shot to fame in the reality show "The Hills", were seen topping up their tans and relaxing with magazines in the warm, Mexican sun. The sports-loving couple were also spotted enjoying a round of golf at the luxurious One and Only Resort in Los Cabos. Photograph: Pedro Andrade, ***FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE*** UK OFFICE: +44 131 225 3333/3322 US OFFICE: 1 310 261 9676

So Heidi Montag got a new set of tits. It is rare for me to say a girl actually looks better with her new tits, but Heidi, I’d bang the silicone out of those cock-knockers if you’d let me!

This girl started life out as a nobody. Hey, we all do right? Then she made friends with someone who wasn’t a nobody. In fact, this other person had a hit TV show. Now Heidi Montag is a somebody too. Go figure!

Just about the only thing I cannot figure out is why this babe is still wasting time married to a nobody. Spencer is a douche bag. I mean, for Christ’s sakes, his fucking name is Spencer. Have you ever met a guy named Spencer that wasn’t a douche?

Well, time for me to tell you about Realty Star Scandals. A site that collects all of the sweet photos and videos celebs accidentally mis-place. Which is another way of saying, they break into their hotel rooms and steal their sexy photos and homemade videos!


The sweetest part is that you get to access all of this shit, which was mostly obtained illegally and you can’t be held accountable for any of it. How fucking sweet is that? Can I get a wha-wha?

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