Angelina Jolie – Nitro Video

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As many times as i have searched for and whacked off to pictures of Angelina Jolie…  I just can’t get tired of that ass, I love her tits but again that ass is just yummy.

Nitro Video – Sexy celeb Video’s has more Nude Celebs than you can shake you dick at…  Seriously, if you can’t find your favorite Celeb nude here than they haven’t been caught yet…

For the best Nude Celebs around join Nitro Video for $2.95 for a 3 day trial…  You can have a spanking good time to over 70,000 pictures and videos of your favorite Celebs Nude.

True Celebs – Heather Graham

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Come watch Hether Graham get her world rocked on this short video.  True Celebs has all your favorite actresses exposing their better sides.

True Celebs features 5000 + Movies, Nude Movie Reviews, nude Celebrity Pics, Celebrity Sex Scandals, they have it all. 

Cum to True Celebs and have a jerktastic day, if looking at a naked Hether Graham doesn’t make you a gallon lighter, then you have a narrow urethra so that is still OK. 

Taylor Swift

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So I went and saw Valentine’s Day, the movie, and it features an ensemble cast. T-Swizzle plays a ditsy blonde girl and I have to say, I wanted to bang the shit out of her!

Dirty Teen Celebrities features a large collection of young celebs either naked or almost naked. They also throw in some very convincing fake pics of your favorite stars getting banged, or masturbating and the like.

As a member you get access to a huge collection of sex tapes and clips from movies the stars DID GET NAKED IN. Dirty Teen Celebrities is for the type of guy that goes goo-goo gaa-gaa over girls like T-Swizzle and Emma Watson over women like Julia Roberts!

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Alyssa Milano – Lesbian Scene

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Alyssa Milano lesbian scene

I practically grew up with this girl. I don’t know how many cum loads of sperm I have spent thinking about her throughout the years. I had always dreamed of seeing her naked tits someday, but she was just too much of a goodie-goodie to do something like that on film.

Then my wildest dreams were came true in 1995 with the movie Embrace of the Vampire. In it Alyssa Milano goes topless and even makes out with another girl. My passion for this girl hit new heights!

I thought about going to Hollywood Video and renting the flick, but then it occurred to me: At Hollywood Video I’d be shelling out cash and having to fast forward to the portion I wanted. This would cost me both time and money! Then I had an idea…

My idea was to search the Internet and I found it! Banned Celebs has the Alyssa Milano lesbian scene and more!

Much MOAR!!!

At Banned Celebs you are treated to all of the clips out there of both the hottest actors and actresses getting naked or just looking hella-sexy!

God was certainly generous with this ex-teenage heartthrob when it comes to the boobs department and Banned Celebs is even more generous by showing you thousands of boobs on hundreds of nude celebs!

Dirty Teen Celebrities – Olson Twins Naked!

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If the world were a better place (for perverts like us) we wouldn’t have to have celebrity fakes like the one above. You have to admit though… For a photochopped pic, that one is pretty fucking nice!

Seeing the Olson Twins naked for real isn’t going to happen so I go to Dirty Teen Celebrities. They don’t wait for the girls to get naked on their own, they strip them digitally!

Along with the fake nude celebs they also have tons and tons of real stuff too. Not just pics either… At Dirty Teen Celebrities they have just about every video clip a Hollywood starlet has ever been naked in!

Girls like Christina Ricci are well known for their inability to keep their clothes on while performing in blockbuster movies. There is nothing like seeing a teenage debutant in her panties or 100% nude!

They have pics of girls showing some skin for their boyfriends like Miley Cyrus and nude sexting pics of Vanessa Hudgens. Upskirts from celebs like Emma Watson!

Name the girl and Dirty Teen Celebrities has her wearing little or nothing for sure. They might even have a perfect, spot on photochop of her having rough sex!

Pamela Anderson

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If there is one constant in the world you can count on and not be afraid of, it is that Pamela Anderson is always going to be a hottie. Even when she is 70! Shit, how do we know she isn’t 70 already?

Seriously though… She has added to her tits, taken them back out and done just about everything to herself she could do and she still looks delicious. While MJ was jacking himself up with plastic surgery, PA has been sculpting something worthy of a Michelangelo painting!

Famous MILF has Pamela Anderson and tons of other hot female celebs that have pushed out a kid. They also have ones that haven’t pushed a kid out, but age wise, fit the bill. Get all of their candid beach shots, topless shots, nude scenes and sex tapes!

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Celebs Only – Lindsey Lohan

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Looking at this photo of Lindsey Lohan you almost get the feeling that she is wondering why anybody would want a picture of Lindsey Lohan in a bikini.

Silly girl, probably because you are a gorgeous redhead with big tits?!?!

Celebs Only features real Hollywood celebrities wearing next to nothing or their birthday suit. See naked celebs, sex tapes and more. Everything is cataloged and tagged for easy searching. You can see every naked movie clip, paparazzi shot and magazine shoot a celeb has ever done… naked!

If you are tied of looking at fake nude celebs and want the real deal, Celebs Only is only a few mouse clicks away!

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Melissa Satta

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I saw this picture of Melissa Satta and her lovely ass and I have to admit, I got an instant hardon!

Who is this hot Italian lovely? Well, for starters, she isn’t actually Italian. She was born in the US to Italian parents. She ended up going back to Italy and striking it big as a model. Not hard to see why!

Sure, her ass isn’t as perfect as it was when she was winning beauty contests, but isn’t that why chicks go into fully clothed television? (think Jennifer Love Hewitt)

I’d still tap that ass in a heart beat and I know you would do the same. Rumor is there are naked videos of her… Well, she is wearing wet tissues… This supposedly was shot while she was doing one of those strip news programs in Italy.

Have fun jacking!

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Eva Longoria

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Unfortunately the likelihood of us ever seeing Eva Longoria naked is next to none. But, don’t let that stop you from dreaming about this heavenly brunette actress!

With an All Celeb Pass you can dream a little dream of Spur’s Guard, Tony Parker’s wife. Go ahead, I am sure he realizes that young men and old, alike, have rubbed one out over her Latina tits a collective hundreds of millions of times!

It isn’t hard to see why so many men find Eva Longoria attractive. Her face is gorgeous, her body is banging and those tits call out to you… just asking you to fuck them!

Eva has been in many movies, TV shows and photo spreads wearing very little to cover her private parts. An All Celeb Pass gives you access to her scantly clad content and that of hundreds of other hot celebs!

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Kate Maberly

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Kate Maberly got her start in tennis. While she never went on to international titles she has won numerous titles in London. Why am I telling you about her tennis career? Because, silly, that is where she got her body from. At twenty-five she still looks like she is barely enrolling in college because of that sweet teenage body!

Along with playing tennis Kate Maberly also plays the piano and the cello. Don’t be surprised if you see her produce an album some time in the near future as she also enjoys writing music and singing. She has a great voice btw!

Kate is working hard on her acting career and isn’t afraid of a little nudity. You can see her nude celeb pics at Mr Skin. They also have various clips of her scantily clad body and more nude clips!

Look for more Kate Maberly in the upcoming movie The Story of Bonnie and Clyde!

Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes falls into a select group of female celebrities. For many of us she is as old as our daughters. That made her a big no-no when she was jailbait. I gave her no thought a few years ago. Then I found the site All Celeb Pass. It is time to give this girl another look!

At twenty-three years old Amanda Bynes is plenty far passed the age of consent and yet she still looks remarkably young. Over the years she has appeared in many TV shows, music videos and more. Often she appeared in these videotaped mediums wearing very little clothing like in the clip above.

What sets All Celeb Pass apart from most celebrity sites is that they use real videos and photos. Not photochopped crap. Sure, they could have made Amanda Bynes appear naked, but you would know it was all bullshit. Besides, she looks hotter than hell in her bathing suit as it is!

All Celeb Pass has plenty of naked celebs too. Real naked celebs like Nicole Kidman. If you are tired of the fake celeb crap others are feeding you, maybe it is time to try naked celebs from a fresh site like All Celebs Pass!

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Lindsey Lohan Sex Tape

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I was working my way around the web and stopped on a site called Fuck My Mommy and Me and thought it was worth reviewing. Why would I review a hardcore porn site on a celebrity blog? Well, because it frequently adds celebrity sex tape parodies.

Yes, that means these tapes don’t really exist. But if they did?!?!

Who is their right mind wouldn’t want to experience a blowjob from Lindsey Lohan and her big tits mommy? Better yet, how about getting one from the almost-VP herself, Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol?

Until a real Lindsey Lohan Sex Tape comes out we can always dream and the best place to do that at is Fuck My Mommy and Me. Next up, Paris Hilton gets her mommy to blow cock on camera. Stay tooned because after that it is Britney Spears turn!

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Christina Aguilera

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For me Christina Aguilera has always been a bit of an enigma. While she also grew up early as a childhood actor in the Mickey Mouse Club, she managed to be sexy without being a complete slut like other MMC pal Britney Spears. I don’t think Britney ever made photos like the one above and yet somehow Christina is still less sluty!

Before making it to the MMC Christina Aguilera first appeared on Star Search. She went on to become one of America’s top female celebrities. Her singing ability mixed with her beauty are sure to remind older men of girls they knew from as far back as WWII. Perhaps that is why she is such an enigma? She is like a time capsule of beauty from long ago.

Christina is currently shooting a musical film called Burlesque which is sure to feature her scantily clad body. At Mr Skin you can see Christina Aguilera wearing nothing-much right now. He has clips and pics of all of your favorite nude celebs in an easy to navigate catalog of goodies!

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Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba

When she isn’t filming movies based on the coolest comics in like… ever… Jessica Alba is cooling off at the beach in a bikini that allows a lot of wiggle room.

You can watch clips of Jessica Alba and more nude celebs at Celebs Only. They steal the sex tapes of the world’s hottest stars so you don’t have to. You can watch 100’s of videos in the comfort of your own home. You can even download everything for later!

Watch out Jessica, here we come!

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Christina Ricci

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I just finished watching Black Snake Moan and I have to say, Christina Ricci looks fucking amazing in nothing but panties and a very thin shirt!

So I dug a little deeper and found out Christina Ricci shows off her tits in another movie. Which movie? Who cares? You can watch all of your nude celebs at Banned Celebs!

These are not fakes and horse play. The nudes at Banned Celebs are the real deal. Sure, anyone can photochop a pic but you cannot photochop a video and this site is packed full of uncut nude celeb videos!

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